Bring the siege of aoe3de

It was balanced, pulled by people or horses, took many pop space (3 to 6) so it wouldnt be massed, had splash damage you could even see the cannonball in the field and people flying away expelled by it. had proper counter units (culverins)

Like if you agree so maybe they do something about it…


If you like the siege in aoe 3 so much, you can still enjoy it :slight_smile: 3 is still the best game of the series :wink:

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im just trying to make aoe4 better since there are tons of complains about it. I read it before so I’ll quote it: it seems like aoe3de is the newest game with MANY more features than aoe4.

couldnt they just keep those good things???


While I agree with you(that aoe3 is the best) , we should not be forced to regress to earlier games in the series when this is supposed to be the newest and best iteration we covetously waited over ten years for.

Also for all that I hype up aoe3, it’s actually unplayable online. The lag is insane. One thing about aoe4 you’ll never hear me complain about is the online performance, sure the client itself will crash quite a lot on custom games menus and masteries and sometimes randomly after a match, but I can’t say I’ve ever lagged half as bad as aoe3 online.

Aoe3 however is still a far superior game with far superior graphics, mechanics, and design elements. If only they would fix the lag issue.


Guys i am sorry, i dont want to drift the discussion away from the main point. Yes ofc AOE 4 should be improved regardless of aoe 3 :slight_smile:


If there is one thing i would like them to bring from aoe3 de is the map design, specially hybrid maps