Bringing old mods to AOE2 DE? (TDI-Trees)

I don’t know how many of you know this one, it was never hugely popular but man it was a great version of TD. By Rambit.

It’s been years since I played it, I think it was AOE2, even before AOE2 HD. I’d love to try and bring it across.

Feedback welcome! Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forums BouncingRacer13!

The more we have the better, honestly!! DE still missing a lot the TD maps, I would certainly enjoy that.

I thought scenario files were mostly forward compatible with DE?

Hi guys, great to be here :slight_smile:

I made another thread in a more appropriate section which explains everything.

In short I had partial success but still failed to get TDI-Trees to work properly. That link has a download of over 50 scenarios if anyone smarter than me wants to have a go at it.

It is not a scenario, but a data mod. DE allows data set edits, however it may faulter regardless.

Ah, thank you for clarifying nhoobish. That explains why is kinda worked but everything was broken.

Did you try to include the data files in your mod aswell or simply loaded the scenario? I have not tried loading a TC data file on DE, but I doubt it works, my guess is that it would need a conversion via Advanced Genie Editor. Also, if the mods included any new .slps (graphics), atleast a lot of Rambit’s TDs used them, then you would also need to replace such files aswell or convert them and have a shabby pixelated version instead. :\

In short, most TC mods with data edits and graphical editing need to be converted or remade, unless someone else knows better.

As the AGE documentation is nonexistent I couldn’t find a way to convert an AoC data file to AoDE automatically. Mind telling the steps I’d need to follow to accomplish that?