Brit nerf suggestion

I have some ideas to balance british. If the devs are reading forum

First way is to increase the manor house cost, pop space and reduce build limit

Manor house 235 wood (add 100 wood as a regular house)
10 build limit
Each support 20 population
Double hp
This will reduce the boom upper limit of british

Another way is to keep as it is but limit the vills to 10. So 11th manor house will no longer spawn villager.

Or just remove villagers shipments as India and Portugal do


This is one of the most ridiculous ideas on the forums so far.


Actually the simplest way to apply a minor nerf or buff is by increasing build time of certain buildings by a second or two.

For instance:

Kancha house: -1 second build time.
Manor house: +1 second build time.

It seems minor, and for the most part it is - but is a welcome change due to the scaling. It’s not just 1 second, it’s one second sooner (or later) the building is built each time.

I personally think India needs a +5w cost to their houses to balance them.

The thread is for nerf the brits not for nerf india

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I think maybe just remove the 5 vils one cause if you remove the 3 viils one that will just cause the brit players to do nothing but house booming

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That could work. Aztec lose 5vills shipment, didnt they??

And italia that has a similar boom too.

Edit: and russian, that villagers are created 50% faster

One can reference other civs to make a point. India works with +5w cost but not the other civs who strictly depend on that wood to boom.

yes this is dumb post

Totally agree, removing their 5 and 4 vill cards in age 2 will slow down their boom. But with such a huge nerf they should also buff the GMT card that gives you a tp and improves your age up time, for balance.