Britain range too strong?

their cavalry lack bloodlines, paladins, and hussars
their barracks is complete but halbs are mainly a meat shield
their castle age ut is one of the most expensive in the game
their skirms benefit from like, none of their bonuses.

and frankly, even pathing getting better will help make this not as good as it is.

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The Brit team bonus get lots of mileage just cuz of the current meta. It was like this for 20 years and no one cared since people prefered having a Hunnic ally to have the same thing but for stables. If most people became fan of siege weapons then suddenly you would see celts+siege civs shenanigans.

It’s also because there are fixed positions. Going for brits and ending with them as pocket was simply not worth it, while huns are good both as a flank and a pocket


As i said before. You kite as britons. If the ram isn’t out front then their arbs are nailing yours before you get close. What stupid briton player is just standing there letting their arbs shoot the ram while your army walks into range?

But it isn’t there yet. So our complaints are justified. We can’t keep saying “x is fine because ONE DAY y will happen”

Isn’t nerfed yet…

Lol you playing noobs? You just misunderstood what i said. Im not saying they don’t always make archers. Im saying they build other units on top of the archers. Unless you’re playing noobs. Then yes of course :roll_eyes:

Anyway guys the point specifically wasn’t “why weren’t britons OP in old aoe” the point is why they are OP now…

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