British at treaty

British now at treaty compare with other civ are must at to them halber.or better hand attack at musk or better piceman.also tgey need

I’m profoundly dyslexic and I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Please reiterate. :pray:

I’m not dyslexic and I can’t understand it either. They must not be a native English speaker.

Dice que los británicos en tratado son débiles y que hay que contrarrestarlos con alabarderos. O atacar con mosqueteros o mejor aún, con piqueros. Añade que necesitan escuela de ingeniería

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British are now weak at treaty compared to other civs .you must give them halebardier or better hand attack for musk or better pikemen. also they need engineering school

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If we nerf rangers. Every civ with every unit makes no sense and British arent that bad. Tgere are civs that are in a worse spot, being an autolose

I think a better solution is speeding up the delivery time of the infinite 2 rockets shipment, as in treaty that’s the only artillery unit I train after the initial push.

(yes I will normally have a couple mortars too but i do my best not to loose them)

They nerf lot the british.when you play against france you lose from start.those redcoads where go?at halber?at horses?where.british needs buff for sure

You can compare them with TAD version, they got buffs with no doubt. In fact, europeans got toooo much from my POV.

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