British balance change suggestions

I had this discussion with someone on reddit and suggested this to him and was wondering what you guys think. The British are not that good at countering Infantry especially on treaty games. So, a buff to their artillery might help. This buff can be given to them either in the form of a separate card of a church tech.

Falconets, Horse Artillery and Rockets could receive a extra multipliers vs infantry

I am aware of the fact that rockets are very strong vs ships if they are within range and that they move faster than the other two heavy artillery but we are going to ignore HP, speed and anti-ship damage for now.

Rockets have a ROF of 5. Heavy Cannons got a ROF of 6. Great Bombards got a ROF of 8

Time based comparison:
In 240 seconds,

  • Rockets fire 48 times. 48 * 300 = 14,400 damage to infantry
  • Heavy Cannons fire 40 times. 40 * (200 * 3) = 24,000 damage to infantry
  • Great Bombards fire 30 times. 500 * 30 = 15,000 damage to infantry

Great Bombards have an area of effect of 5 unlike the other two which got only 4.

A rocket occupies 6 population unlike the other two that occupy 7.

Population based comparison:
Assuming 42 population allotted, we can get 6 Great Bombards or 6 Heavy Cannons (7 for Swedes) or 7 Rockets.

  • 6 Generic Heavy Cannons = 144,000 anti-infantry damage

  • 6 Great Bombards = 90,000 anti-infantry damage

  • 6 Great Bombards with +15% attack card = 103,500 anti-infantry damage

  • 7 Rockets = 100,800 anti-infantry damage

  • 7 Swedish Heavy Cannons = 168,000 anti-infantry damage

  • 6 French Heavy Cannons = 172,800 anti-infantry damage

The French cannon with Gribeauval system does +20% damage, Swedes with Cronstedt reforms occupy only 6 population.

Falconets and Horse Artillery have a ROF of 4. So, in equal time, both fire the same number of shots. However, 1 falconet occupies 5 population and a horse artillery occupies 6.

  • 1 falconet = 100 *3 = 300 anti-infantry damage per shot

  • 1 horse artillery = 125*3 = 375 anti-infantry damage per shot

  • 1 French falconet = 125*3 = 375 anti-infantry damage

  • 1 French Horse Artillery = 156*3= 468 anti-infantry damage (156.25 according to calculations)

Assuming 60 population,

  • 10 Horse Artillery = 3750 anti-infantry damage
  • 12 Falconets = 3,600 anti-infantry damage
  • 12 French Falconets = 4500 anti-infantry damage
  • 10 French Horse Artillery = 4680 anti-infantry damage
  • 15 Swedish Falconets = 4,500 anti-infantry damage

Suggested buff:

Give Falconets, Horse Artillery +1.0x (or+0.5x) multiplier vs. Infantry and give Rockets +0.25x vs. Infantry.

If the buff for Falconets and Horse Artillery is +1.0x:

  • 1 falconet = 100*4 = 400 anti-infantry damage per shot

  • 1 horse artillery = 125*4 = 500 anti-infantry damage per shot

  • 12 falconets = 4,800 anti-infantry damage per shot

  • 10 Horse Artillery = 5,000 anti-infantry damage per shot.

If the buff for falconets and horse artillery is +0.5x anti-infantry damage,

  • 1 falconet = 100*(3.5) = 350 anti-infantry damage per shot
  • 1 horse artillery = 125* (3.5) = 437.5 anti-infantry damage per shot

Assuming 60 population:

  • 12 falconets = 4200 anti-infantry damage
  • 10 Horse Artillery = 4370 anti-infantry damage

For rockets,

  • 10 rockets pre-buff = 3000 anti-infantry damage in a single volley.
  • 10 rockets post buff =3750 anti-infantry damage in a single volley.
  • 7 Rockets post buff do = 126,000 anti-infantry damage (which is still less than what 6 generic heavy cannons can do but still a buff).

I was interested in your post but I stopped reading because there are zero formatting.

Please use bullet points, different font sizes, organize similar information in just one paragraph.

Overall, I agree that Brits need better anti infantry options for treaty.

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I’ve done some formatting. Sorry, I forgot to do it earlier… was kinda sleepy in the night and forgot about it. Just copied and pasted the comment from reddit. I hope it’s legible now.

Britain has better Longbowman against infantry.
Rockets have no damage bonus to infantry but have a higher base damage.I think these combinations are complementary.

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Yeah, as FastAuthor pointed out - Rockets are less specialized meaning they do less dmg vs infantry, but more dmg vs artillery and cavalry. It’s just a trade off for unique unit design.

The problem with longbows is that they have an “aiming” animation of 3 seconds before attacking, which makes hit-and-run almost impossible. Also I feel that in actual practice they might spend a lot of time “re-aiming” new targets after killing the previous one. As a result they deal much less damage than they do theoretically.

Considering British is pretty strong in early-mid game due to their economy, maybe we could give them an Industrial Age infinite skirmisher shipment.

It would be better to have a card for a longbow than that.

The damage area of the Rockets +1 should be more useful

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Brits don’t deserve a buff. Don’t touch them, they are perfectly balanced.

In the late game, longbowmen aren’t that good vs. heavy infantry and Skirmishers do a much better job vs. Infantry… especially if French, German or Portuguese.


That’s not very good. They got Cherokee riflemen (13, can be shipped infinite times) anyway. It should be a unit that can be created rather than shipped.

Would be nice if they added an increase to their anti-infantry multipliers to the Yeomen card… or reduced the aim animation.

That would be good.

Even late game? Feel like only their cav are good and the musk

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