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I believe it’s per trading post constructed. One way to buff it could be to make it increase the build XP of constructed trading posts.

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Bump to try and see if anyone knows the specifics on the card mechanic. I don’t have a good feel for how it works beyond the direct benefits not the things related to the build/destruction. The card description doesn’t really say how that portion of it works.

There’s more info in the patch notes:

“Ships 1 Trading Post Wagon. Each of your Trading Posts improve Politician and Technology research time by 20%.”

  • Trading Post research speed improvements scale from the current rates, not the base value i.e., stacks diminishingly. That means research time can never reach 0, even after more than 5 Trading Posts.

Sounds like it’s per trade post built, so there’s no effect before you build one, and you lose the benefit when the trading post is destroyed.

Thank you for the try but the answer to the question doesn’t seem to be in the notes. It makes a big difference in the value of the card. If you ship it later it will have to be in an exposed slot unless you specifically save one closer. It is more exposed to interception which totally kills the card if the wagon is killed. If it’s in an exposed spot it needs to be defended or the advantage is lost.

If the benefit does not occur until the tp is built if it sits far away it will be significantly delayed. You won’t get the benefit of the card. The only time I’ve had the ability to practically send this card is while I’m aging. Before that you are pressuring, being pressured or setting up to age. If you send it while aging the wagon will never appear and be built to have any advantage.

That is similar to the way other wagons operate so would be no surprise but it is not clear by the notes.

The end result is if it isn’t sent early it likely will never be sent. It would be more practical if the advantage occured once the wagon popped out. It is fine to be able to lose it but it should be active whether it is a wagon or a tp.

I’m not sure what is confusing you. It is pretty clear from the notes that it’s only for trading posts actually built.

The effect comes into play once the TP is built. It should be the first or second card you send.
Gmt is mostly useless. I tried fitting it in in all sorts of ways, but it just won’t work in supremacy.

I don’t know why it should matter the way I see it the wagon should be a bonus to the ability. This makes it more feasible.

The devs probably didn’t want to give brits a FF option

Perhaps but the way I perceive the card is that the wagon is integral to it. Lose the wagon or tp and it’s gone.

You get no benefit until it’s built.

It’ is possible it works differently I’ve never taken the time to verify it. This makes the card way to slow to be of use,imo

You don’t need to build that wagon. It also works with existing TP when you ship it.

Back then when it was introduced, I tried lots of combinations, both against ai and players.
the card is viable on patagonia map where you can nab 3 TPs.

It can work as part of some timing with FI or something against a civ that also booms (ports, Japan, Dutch). But this is an allin on your behalf cause you delay your own boom.

It hardly works against AI lol.

The reason you get that TP wagon was because the devs considered the bonus alone to be useless when compared to other age1 cards, and they are right. Problem is that it is also useless with the wagon in most cases.

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Good info. So I’m guessing if the wagon tp or wagon is destroyed you don’t lose anything as to the abilities?

No, the wagon is just an additional bonus to make the card worthwile. They added similar cards in DE, where they upgrade a building but also send a wagon to build that thing.

The wagon can be destroyed/deleted/whatever and you still keep the bonus. I’d say that GMT is worthwile each time you can easily secure 2+ TPs. Very few maps offer that, though. It may also work if you manage to squieze an additional shipment from XP looting or if you’re lucky to find a good wood trasure.

British has been OP for too long now, far longer than any other civ in this game. Imbalances should never be deliberate like this.

This is the biggest problem in aoe3

In 1v1 it is fine. But team game on larger map it’s op. I guess the devs have 1v1 balance in mind but many players play team game.

Normal, it was during that time that Britain became a great superpower… If they lower his power, it would feel weird… France and Great Britain would have to be the best civs in late game; Holland, Germany, Sweden and Russia in mid game (add Poland if they add it later) and Portugal,Spain and Turkey in early game…


I add these links for this discussion

I was thinking in order to buff GMT, they might have to nerf some of Brit’s villager cards in age 2 for balance. Maybe no 5/4 villager cards, after that GMT would be nice if it gave you minus -25 seconds to your age up for each TP you have, maximum of 2 which is 50 seconds total. Also each TP gives you an xp trickle. Might be too much but it’s an idea.

Know, I had thought about removing the card from 3 villagers at age 1, but I figured it would upset a lot of people and that’s why I wasn’t specific.

I think that having made that change, the British should be compensated in other ways. I think now manor houses could be built a little faster or cost a little less.

Or maybe start with an extra villager or an extra food crate.

By the way, shouldn’t you be able to delete houses at will? It’s frustrating not to. Just limit the number of villagers obtainable by building manor houses to 20.

Rangers should be available at age 4 by default, and longshot archers don’t upgrade to either watcher or imperial, (or at least not imperial). so that there can be a natural replacement of archers.

The church card that allows you to deliver rangers will now turn all long archers into rangers (it’s what it currently does) and long archer shipments into ranger shipments. You can also create them from age 3

Cards that affect Archers and Rangers will no longer affect both units as this would make no sense. To make up for these cards they could buff Archers in general. (For example when you ally with Seminoles)

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I like new brits on the pup, you can still get way more vills than other civs. 50 vills still very possible at 8 mins ish. The TP card is actually really good as well.

Just add a counter with an initial value of 20 for the free Settlers of Manors to Brits.

  1. When a Manor is built and the counter > 0, the counter -1 and the Manor spawns a Settler.
  2. When a Manor is built and the counter = 0, the counter keep 0 and the Manor spawns nothing.
  3. When a Manor is destroyed by enemy, the counter +1, so you can get a Settler when rebuilt.
  4. When a Manor is deleted by yourself, the counter +0, so you cannot get more Settlers by rebuilding.

Compared to the current mechanic, Manors will perform no differently, except for the fourth. But in this way it would allow Manors to be as valuable as they currently are, while being able to be deleted.

This is far less complicated than people think, just simple addition and subtraction under 20, and there is no loss in building Manors with or without free Settlers. If needed, we can still add a visual feedback on the UI to remind the player of the current value of the counter, just like African civs can see the value of livestock.

Like Pavisier and Bersagliere?
I wouldn’t say it’s an unreasonable design itself, but it would not make sense that other civs could get better Longbowmen, such as the Maltese.

I’d rather make Rangers stronger AND expensive enough, to be decent enough that deciding when to lose Longbowmen for Rangers can be an interesting, impactful, and strategic call than making Rangers automatically take the role of Longbowmen after hitting Age IV.

On the contrary. It should be the church techs that gives up this effect, not the card. This effect is too much to be part of a church card.

The card should be renamed “Royal Green Jackets” or “Royal Rifle Corps” to better differentiate it from the normal unit shipment cards, and it should also ship some Rangers (maybe 12) and even give the free veteran upgrade to Rangers besides turning the units.

The Church techs can refer to the changes of the French Guard. Roger’s Rangers can simply transport a group of Consulate Rangers named “Roger’s Ranger”. Queen’s Rangers can transport a group of Consulate Rangers, rename the Consulate Rangers to “Queen’s Ranger”, and give the free Counter Infantry Rifling upgrade.

If it’s because you don’t like two sides of the coin like Yeomen/Baker Rifles and Siege Archery/Ranger Combat, maybe we still can take them apart.

If the player has shiped Yeomen and Siege Archery, Baker Rifles and Ranger Combat can be able to ship without costing a shipping point after Longbowmen turned to Rangers.

This wouldn’t have the effect of being any different than it is now, except for a small wait for the shipment, so it can keep the balance but it would make sense.

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