British Sharpshooters

Take a gander at the stats of the two units.

With the Yeomen card Longbowmen do 21 damage per shot at a ROF of 1.5 (so 42 damage equalized to the ROF of rifle infantry). Turns out Yeomen only adds range, not attack
Longbowmen do 17 damage per shot at a ROF of 1.5 (so 34 damage equalized to the ROF of rifle infantry)

Sharpshooters do 15 damage at a ROF of 3. They also benefit from the Paper Cartridge upgrade tech that doesn’t help Longbowmen, so with that they are at 15 x 1.15 = 17.25.


Longbowmen (42 damage)
1.25 vs heavy infantry (52.5 damage)
2 vs light cavalry (84 damage)
0.75 vs heavy cavalry (31.5 damage)

Longbowmen (34 damage)
1.25 vs heavy infantry (42.5 damage)
2 vs light cavalry (68 damage)
0.75 vs heavy cavalry (25.5 damage)

Sharpshooter (17.25 damage)
3.5 vs heavy infantry (60.375 damage)
2.5 vs light cavalry (43.125 damage)
0.75 vs heavy cavalry (12.9375 damage)

From those results, Sharpshooters are only better than Longbowmen versus heavy infantry, and much worse versus everything else. They probably actually need an additional card to make people pick them over Longbowmen. Something like “Green Jackets” that boosts their multipliers versus light and heavy cavalry would probably be appropriate (historically, their decisive role at Waterloo was to blunt the charge of the French Gendarmes).

yes please a skirmisher with a bonus vs heavy cav please, im sure that would never be a balance issue in the slightest


DIsagree. Longbows are cool. And see ROGERS RANGERS.

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Yes because a x1 or x1.25 multiplier instead of x0.75 on a unit with 17.25 attack would be so broken :roll_eyes:

indeed. lets give muskets a bonus vs skirms, heavy cav a bonus vs goons and goons a bonus vs skirms. lets just keep going, who needs a counter system anyway


Thank you for your enlightened opinion. I now see that a flat x1 instead of x0.75 (on a unit with a pitiful base attack versus one with range resist) would totally upend the counter system.

Multipliers are really the only way to go on a unit like Sharpshooters. Any changes to base attack to make if perform competitively with Longbowmen is going to make it absolutely broken versus heavy infantry.

look. dude. skirms used to have no malus vs cav back in 2005 and it absolutely was completely broken. virtually all cav was useless, it made skirms nearly the only viable unit. you’re wrong and someone needs to tell you it. stop. brits has triple carded royal musks and 3 carded goons just STOP


Have a look at the stats on Longbowman. They already do more damage vs heavy cavalry than a Skirmisher or Sharpshooter with a x1.25 multiplier and they have much greater range. The British already have a unit that performs significantly better than what I just suggested.

There’s no point in a British Sharpshooter if it performs worse than Longbowmen in nearly every situation.

there i fixed it for you

From what you’re saying it’s needed to balance the super OP Longbowmen that perform slightly better against heavy cavalry than Skirmishers and totally destroy the counter system :upside_down_face:

Longbowmen are quite underwhelming, stats are great but they can’t really kite and that makes them considerably worse than skirmishers imo.

I really like this idea, but maybe the way to keep everyone happy would be for it to be a mod reward for an event, essentially replacing the longbowman with a rifleman, with exactly the same stats.

I wouldn’t say underwhelming. They have 30% more range and 30% more attack versus everything that’s not heavy infantry. That’s more than enough to make up for kiting in most scenarios. The only time it wouldn’t be enough is versus units like Skull Knights or Landschnects. I think their bad reputation is also partially because of how the Thin Red Line upgrade slows them down.

Come on, you have to miss the old skirmishers + cannon wars.

They’re great for defending, sat behind a wall they put out awesome dps but when I attack with them and enemy skirms kite it feels like I’m doing nothing, can’t even snare with cav well if they’ve gone skirm/goon.

But Skirmishers can only shoot from well within the range of Longbows so they shouldn’t be able to kite them. And Longbowman do much more damage to Skirmishers than Skirmishers deal to Longbowman.

Longbow only have a tiny bit more range unless you send yeoman, even then a few extra range is not that noticeable when the skirms are constantly moving and your longbow restart their animation every time. At least it feels really bad maybe it’s not .

Why don’t we give them a charged splash damage attack with 25 range.

A skirmish for the British had already been requested due to many discussions and it eventually happened. I hope that other requests will also be heard. Why not gunpowder cavalry for Ottomans and Russians too? It is also historically correct and I think it would be a good unit for the Ottoman late game.

With this change they should at least give negative multiplier to rockets against cavalry/shock infantry.

If they’re going to continue the trend of fixing the biggest historical inaccuracies, I think giving the Mughals some artillery ought to be next. Portuguese Organ Guns are also a pretty inaccurate unit.