Any good British tips for me? Also what units should I focus on making to fight my battles? I know Muskets are powerful but what else?

all of them, you have to use the counter of the other units
if he makes cannons use culverin
if he uses cavalry use muskets or dragons
if he uses musket use cannons or longbow
See stats on IU and play art of war tutorial

longbows are very weak and expensive because wood is collected very slowly, protect them with other units that defend them of their counters like culverins and meele cavalry.

you need to use all units, there is not a unit that can kill all of other units

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Thank you! I’ll give it a go in the morning and see what happens

Here is the esoc strategy wall. You’ll find some British decks and strategies in there.


The Brits are a quite straight forward civ. They don’t have a lot of units, but they do have great musketeers and grenadiers, their cavalry is pretty solid and they can have one of the best navies possible with the right decks.
You should also make good use of their unique bonus of spawning free settlers with each manor(house). You can expand your economy pretty quickly by using this bonus.
They also have plenty of good revolutions options later in the game and the Estates card which is a must have if you plan on revolting. Egypt gives you the Mameluke(a expensive, but very tough cavalry unit), The USA makes good use of the British infantry bonuses and are an all around solid option, South Africa has amazing economic bonuses, but little to no military bonuses at all and Canada… has bears.

i would say dont use brits, they are very weak versus japanese