Brits are sentenced versus rifle riders

cant destroy a buildind.
rifle riders destroy every unit that destroy building.
so i cant control map
longbows are very expensive because they cost wood and have very low hp and are super slow

its like i just have to use range 26 of my longbows and be hidden on my territory

and the warchief has like 1400 hp, it would take like 1 min for longbows to kill him

dragoons and longbows are both excellent counters to rifle riders.


maybe i sohuld have created dragoons

Also I think you can raid the Sioux before they get Rifle riders, remember that those are quite expensive, and Sioux aren’t strong early game.

Rifleriders are actually quite a weak unit, theyre both heavy and light cavalry at the same time.
so Skirmshers, Archers and Dragoons have a field day against them. Normal light cavalry do not get countered by dragoons however.

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im not sure about archers, theycost wood (slow gathering rate) and die very fast because of low hp

depends on what archers youre talking about.
longbowmen, yumi archers and macehualtin are really strong even though they cost wood.

but hey have a lot of hp, an archer has 105 and rifelriders have bonus versus all the rest of army except dragons, i should have used dragons

Bro you can’t just write off longbows cause they cost wood…brits rely on them in lots of cases and are one of the things that make british good. You are taking free losses by doing musk/hus every game.


You could try getting jaegee with the age 3 politians and in imp the merc boost as a skirm substituted.

a longbow by this point in the game should have around 160 hp, assuming guard and breastplate.

also wood gather rate while slower isn’t that much slower, wood is plentiful in the early game and well if you play treaty you have a great card to trade gold for wood (assuming you are going LB there, not sure its the best with the changes to grens).

also keep in mind longbows can have 26 range, you shouldn’t be losing many of them, british longbow strategy is simple, keep spamming hussars up front to tank for them.

One of the top balance Devs, Vane, is currently working on a longbow buff.

what is guard? age iv upgrade?

guard is the typical european upgrade in the industrial era yes.