Brits Redcoat skin error?

Did they change the british redcoat skin at some point or am i getting an error? I haven’t seen a change in the skin mentioned anywhere.

Did they not use to have actual red coats and look a little like vet musks?

I only have one mod and that’s the day and night cycle one.
Does anyone else have their musks like this too?

the redcoat requires thin red line update at church, which needs church home city card


No error!

They do have unique Redcoat skins upon that upgrade, though more importantly, their church upgrade Thin Red Line changes the appearance further, noticably by adding a dark red colour to the uniform.


Scroll down to gallery and you’ll see all the British musketeer variants and how to get them.

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I was wondering the same thing cause I played the British yesterday and the guard upgrade looked different but not the red coat look. So the thin red line upgrade changes what veteran and royal guard musk look like.

Although I must admit that I like the model, the fact that the red color has to be “activated” from a technology that is only available by sending a card is unintuitive, impractical and a complication that I consider unnecessary.

I would have preferred that all “Royal Guard Units” have 2 skins (depending on their update) because I find favoritism towards some specific units unnecessarily complicated.

Anyway, this gave me an idea: make the REDCOAT a unique unit (like the Carolean), you have to recognize that the Redcoat is a particular and important enough unit in the AoE 3 timeframe to justify it being a unique unit and transfer the “royal guard Unit” upgrade to British grenadiers and French musketeers.

I also came up with the idea that unique units are the only ones that have IMPERIAL UPGRADE SKIN.



Guard (Napoleonic)

Imperial (Crimean War)

I know that there are several fans requesting skins for the imperial upgrade, and I consider it appropriate to give imperial skins only for the unique units (historical and mechanical purposes).

Fun fact: the model of military uniform of the Regulars (Imperial) was already used by the USA since at least the 1840s.

For those who want to know more about the US military uniforms I recommend this video.