"Bro, I was hoping you will be the carry, but you worse than me" - Matchmaking issue

I don’t know whether this is an AoE2 thing or a general competitive game thing.

But if you ever feel like you’re the carry and your allies are just bad, try intentially being the worst player for 2-3 matched, then you will be placed as the “bad player” with a carry next to you.

I think this is terrbile, but it is what it is.

If you’re the best player in the team, even if you lose, you will always be placed as the best player in the team, the one expected to win.

But if you’re a terrible player, or at least the worst player in your team, you will always be placed with far better players than you.

I tried farming for +1600 elo. I failed to do so by being the best player in my time.

Do you know how I managed to get to 1618 elo?

By intentionally losing games and being the worst player in my team.

After that, I was just carried, I didn’t had to do anything.

I don’t know if it was just me, I got lucky or bad luck, but it seems quite suspicious.


Maybe you just understood matchmaking system. It is about elo system. Game tries to balance teams with total elo. If your average elo higher then players around your elo than your teammates became lower elo but if your elo lower then your teammate become higher elo. Lets say you gained 150 elos in last games, your teammates will be players who lost 150 elos;so, you will be team leader again. ( It is just my guess, not offical calculation).
Teamgames totally ruin

  • I think the biggest problem about teamgames is map pool. Good 1v1 does not mean good team game map. Lİke nomad type maps: If one of the player surrounded by 2 enemies, his team will be automatically 3v4.
  • Civs picks are like cheating, i feel like free win when i have hindustanies in open maps or spanish in nomad.
    and many other thing. Someone has to do something about team ranked games.

Your post is a bit confusing. Are you trying to say that if you deliberately play badly then you get matched with ‘better’ team mates in future TG?

I do not think that is true. It is just random based on who is online at the time around the same ELO. I doubt there is any memory of how many games you lost - and definitely no influence based on how you played.


So you admit being toxic in the game. How do you exect us concluding you wouln’t be toxic in the forum?

From my experience and observation getting points as a solo player on tgs depends mostly on luck, despite ur efforts trying hard enough somedays you are just going to get miss matched all the day and lose rank to 1400 on tg and at the next day you may end up recovering your points cause the problem by it self is the whole match making, too many issues going, premades vs solo players, stackers and smurfs, time preference on the match making forcing 2k vs 1000 elo games all day it is a terrible mix of awful situations outside your control.

We need ranked lobbies to fix team games and nothing else, those casual players who want to find quick games should keep using match making or quick play, competitive users need ranked lobbies to find fair games and avoid smurfs and not to be forced to play 2.3k team with your 1200 friends.


I play a lot of ranked TG and I honestly do not know what you are talking about. It looks like you had a bad experience once or twice and are now trying to say that this is the general situation. Most people (me included) think the ranked matchmaking system is great and is one of the best things about DE. I absolutely do not want to go back to Voobly style ranked lobbies. And I am 99% sure that the majority of the player base would agree (minus those who always complain about not enough map bans and always wanting to choose a single map).

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You are a casual and its fine, you should stay at match making and quick play, but the competitive users should get a proper way to find ranked matches without awful settings that haven’t done anything positive for the game.

Read this carefully there ain’t a single top 250 player who likes the team game system, if the cream of the cream dislike the system, then clearly there is something really bad to pay attention, then again for casuals that are far away from the radar nothing is wrong and going to a system where you have to adapt to other’s preferences sounds like a terrible idea, good to know you can always count on the match making and play your beloved maps as a solo player vs similar opponents :clown_face:

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I prefer the current matchmaking system over Voobly, but that doesn’t mean the current matchmaking system is great.

In games like CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota it’s already known that the matchmaking is trying to give you as close to 50% win-lose ratio, because that’s what keeps most players engaged, if you win all the time eventually you get bored, if you lose all the time eventually you get mad an quit. CS:GO and League of Legends are already known to have a public ELO and a real ELO, the public ELO is there so you think games are balanced, the real ELO is your actual skill.

If you win 3 games in a row, eventually you’ll have much harder games because the game wants you to lose. So you get to a point where you really have to carry if you want to advance through the rank.

It isn’t far fetched that something similar is happening in Age of Empires 2 as well, because unlike real sports like chess (that ELO is based on) the goal of a video game is to keep you engaged, not to be the most accurate system for determining a player’s skill.

Not to mention, matchmaking in chess, football and tennis are open-source, everybody can see how the matchmaking works inside-out, so that the system can be checked for fairness. This is literally not the case in video games where the matchmaking system is closed-source, nobody knows it but the developers.

Maybe there’s some confirmation bias on my part, but the fact remains what when I intentionally started being the worst player on my team and stopped being the carry if I saw that my teammates were terrible, I ended up getting far more favorable matches afterwards.

Not only that, but I used to play mostly with a real life friend, I would carry him, always having far bigger score. When he & I would play team but not together, I would almost always have games where I had to be the carry, while he would almost always have games where he was carried (just like he was being carried by me).

Maybe the game is using your ending match score to determine your true ELO, it isn’t far-fetched.

You are a casual and its fine, you should stay at match making and quick play, but the competitive users should get a proper way to find ranked matches without awful settings that haven’t done anything positive for the game.

Read this carefully there ain’t a single top 250 player who likes the team game system

Lol bro… You should not make assumptions. I am indeed in the top 250 for TG. And so are the other guys that I play with and they feel the same way. You just owned yourself. Well played sir.

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TG elo is meaningless, top 250 1x1 is what i was referring, look at the aoe2recs dashboards, it only takes in consideration top 1x1 250 players, tg ladder is a joke, but i find quite interesting that you mentioned that you are fine with the system and ur estimated elo there, which means you probably play with ur friends or what we call you stack hard vs randoms, if you don’t mind share your profile so we can do a proper analyzes of your matches to see how many of them are vs 1100 elo players or vs opponents of the same level.

aoe2.net is back so we can see all the beautiful >1k elo difference matches going all day.

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