Broken Idle for Farmers


I managed to idle villagers [without actually idling them] by having them all work farms (but not having enough farms to work).

For reference, in the video, I had 9 villagers that I told to build a mill and two farms - they built the mill, then the two farms, but then the extras stood there (with sickles in their hands), but no Z’s above their heads. I then selected three of those villagers and moved them to the side for testing… Doesn’t seem like a big deal as the extras (all six idle villagers) still show up in the idle villager display on the bottom-left UI, however, only three of them display the Z’s above their heads.

My problem arrives when I try to use the “select all idle villagers in radius” hotkey. For some reason, they won’t get selected (all six idle villagers – I used it in the video and could only get the three with Zs) [and that’s one of the premium times to use that hotkey]. I was able to use the “select all idle villagers” hotkey, and that would select all six, but there seems to be a difference in idle villager state [between farmer idle and regular idle].

[don’t mind my friend’s comments in the video - I was doing some light raging in discord but the video only picked up his audio]

Going to add my own clip here of a related issue with 6 villagers crowding 1 sheep that is bordering the TC.
There’s only room for 5 to gather at a time so the 6th villager just stands there for a few seconds doing nothing. It does eventually show 1 villager idle, but shortly after the villagers switch positions and it resets another villager into ‘lazy’ mode. So I effectively have 1 villager constantly idle, yet the game is not showing Zzz’s ever and is only showing it as idle 50% of the time. So depending on which moment I’m checking, 50% chance I miss that one is idle, or it shows it go back to zero so I assume the villagers worked it out when they haven’t.

I would rather it show the villager is idle immediately instead of a few seconds later. Or keep the villager idle after the first time it realizes there’s no room so I can see the idle and manually adjust them.