Buff British For Treaty

Hello all, firstly before everyone says the British are great for supremacy they are and i agree but this post is for Treaty.
So getting to the point, In treaty i find that the British boom and Economy is fine with the combination of livestock and along with the gold for wood trade makes them fantastic, however when it comes to units yeahhhhh. They have a strong musk along with great cav and have decent arty along with grenadiers, But have a weak skirmisher unit, the Longbow does get half the attack speed but it spends quite a while aiming at a target then when it finally does it will most likely be dead already. The British need a new or a buff to the existing skirmisher unit to make them viable in late game treaty, For example make it so they get a weaker Skirmisher like the Rogers rangers they get at the church that would be fine, as they have just over 200hp and have low attack compared to France skirms and etc. They just need something to buff there units otherwise against the likes of a good French player you stand no chance same with Portugal.
I would consider myself a decent player for treaty with over 100 games in Treaty ranked and rank 150 overall in it and i used to Main the British until I started playing other civs after noticing how weak they are compared.

Brits are tough in treaty games with all the good skrim civs running around late game (Ports, France, US, etc) they chew through Red Coats.

Maybe the late-game “native captured howitzer” approach can be used to address this problem (and many other similar problems) while not interfering with balancing of supremacy: for example, let Rogers Rangers technology enable skirmishers.

yeah that actually could work well, nice idea hopefully something is done with them in a future update

Or they could be added to the imperial age mercenary contractor.

Hummmm if they are doing skirms what about using the Best hussar in the game to counter it? And dont event tell me that they use goons, cause brits Also have goons and one of the Best in the game.

Brits are fine. Leave them alone


you say that but they do need something, look at France gets basically every unit in the game same with Spanish, so tell me if the british are so fine as you say then why do People like Floko and other top rated players say that are terrible for treaty? I main the British or did and i think they need something. Every civ in the game should be viable for both treaty and supremacy and currently for treaty the British are weak. If the french player is using a good combination its unbeatable for the British

Because their economy is worse than France.

even with the livestock boom? and the gold to wood trade?

britain is fine in treaty.

britian has:

amazing cav

good musketeers

infinite rockets

great eco, that isn’t reliant on trade or overpop.

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If you want a skirm type unit, you can go the merc route and use Jaegors for Brit in Treaty. Not ideal, but it is an option.