Buff Horsemen vs archers/arrows

Give the relevant horsemen a base value of 1PA in age 2 and 2PA in age 3 and age 4.

(Optional)+10hp from age 2 onwards


Horseman seem fine in feudal age from what I see from casted and tournament games, but goly are they useless the moment castle hits, they just die too fast to anything to have any purpose at that point.

And thus the scaling armour.

Spears are getting a buff in the next patch. This is to balance the feudal horse after the buff.

On top of the fact that the meta is generally archer play over anything else generic.

Long bows should not be an auto win condition, neither should archers ever beat horses in a remotely similar res situation. Due to pathing, and the way attack commands work, archers can too easily reach crit mass Vs horsemen

And lastly especially if we consider how hard archers counter spears, the horse v archer is no where remotely as hard of a counter.

In what tournament did you see feudal mass horsemen match well vs a large similar mass of archers?? especially against lb??


First game of Viper vs Mistah at Genesis, I’d say game 3 of the Viper Mista series, but they didn’t fight until both sides had many castle units so can’t really judge other than that a pro thought they were worth building, same with game 5 of that series, first game of the new winner stays on series between marinelord and Probe (although that was a Delhi game so mobility extra important).

As seen in genesis and somewhat later pro casted games, horseman seem fine in feudal it’s just they are almost never built in meaningful numbers post feudal, I agree with scaling armor but I don’t think they need it in feudal. (although maybe they need something with spears getting buffed).

Particularly I’ve seen Delhi go horseman lately vs many civs or many civs go horseman vs Delhi because getting to those sacred sites is so crucial in many of those games in Feudal (and they are the fastest unit in the game on land)

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Yes please save horseman, it should be main raiding unit feudal early castle, now good for nothing

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Horsemen work in small skirmishes. Even against mongols. It requires you cav early and get the 3 or 4 put on the field to thin out the wondering foot archers. The problem becomes while in feudal… when there is a critical mass of footarchers, I’m talking like 20 or more, you then run into an issue where your horsemen efficiency vs the range become pathetic. The archers simply kite and trade favorably since they cost less than horsemen and EVEN if the horsemen clean up (unlikely) the horsemen would have suffered heavy heavy heavy losses. And if we’re talking longbow or Mongol archer masses then those units literally stand their ground and mow down horsemen…

Then if you play properly and have just a few pike like 5 or 7 along with your 20+ archers the horsemen cannot win ever. Even if the horsemen have archers combo the horse archers combo will have more micro to do IN hopes of getting a favorably trade even though they have the superior composition. This is fundamental wrong.

The only time archer cav works is when it’s knights bow.

Imo give feudal horsemen a base bonus or additional blacksmith bonuses vs range.

Imo give them more hp like 50 hp blacksmith upgrade instead of piercing armor to keep cav archers vs horsemen balanced. Otherwise give horsemen +2 range armor upgrade from blacksmith in feudal.