Buff Malians after they nerfed them to the ground

The devs made a huge mistake by removing free Gold Mining from Malians. It made them so weak compared to what they were before. I hereby suggest to buff their building discount to 20% or even 25%.


Or just make the discount apply to farms. Especially as people are trying to go after the current gold bonus which would leave the civ even worse


Yeah thats another way of buffing them

Are Malians really that much weaker after the change? I feel their power potential just shifted a little


Just give the the camel bonus I want:

  • Camel Riders take 25% less bonus damage and resist conversion.

Malians would spare 9 wood for each farm, nothing compared to Teutons’ 24 wood. Restore the farm discount NOW! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yep, that’s the best solution in my eyes. For 15 farms (somewhat regular number for farms in Feudal Age) that would be 135 resources saved, which isn’t too far off compared to the cost of the Gold Mining upgrade.

It’s not supposed to be as impactful for farms as the Teutons bonus, becuase they save wood on every building.


Reserved for 2023 African DLC civ.

Malians are a very nice civ, strong in Feudal and early Castle, the problem is that they aren’t strong enough here to close out games (like say Franks or Celts), and in Imp they literally have 0 power units. Best one that comes to mind probably being Farimba Camels. Their other options:

  • Farimba Light cav: good for raiding but not significantly better than FU Hussar in actual fights. Moreover, Hussar in big army fights is a meatshield with not a lot of offensive power

  • Farimba Camel: actually rly strong but also situational.

  • Champions with extra PA: strong, too bad the extra PA doesn’t matter vs Handcannoneer and they crucially lack last attack upgrade making them a “■■■ for tat” type of trade-off with their armor (and FU generic Champion isn’t a terribly good power unit already, arguably it’s not a power unit at all)

  • Arbalest: lack Bracer

  • Gbeto: too fragile and overall too gimmicky unit

  • Farimba Cavalier: Cavalier isn’t a great-great power unit, these guys are good but still 140 HP and 2 base PA, it’s still not close to Paladins level.

This is the main reason they suck, their Mining upgrade has nothing to do with it, arguably Malians were “meh” even before that bonus was replaced.

Disagree. Malians have every tech in Castle Age and coupled with their gold bonus they can very comfortably go for double gold comp.

How do Franks/Slavs/Sicilians/Lithuanians/Cumans/Burmese/Berbers usually win games on open maps? Pretty sure they are still an amazing unit, having 12+5 attack is pretty good, and you can still go for arbs behind that

Weird that you say their camels are great but cavalier aren’t. In your other post you stated that camels don’t need blacksmith upgrades but knights do. Camels aren’t good units


Yes they are. Their feudal age is just mediocre at best and their castle age isnt that great.

Their imp is also quite bad

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I really like this idea because it also lends itself better to setting up the food heavy eco needed for infantry. Which malians are partially meant to be

It’s also small enough that it shouldn’t push them over the edge.

The free mining tech was a fair sized hit for both xbow and KT play in open maps,as they’re both gold heavier comps.

End game power units have never been the defining factor for a civ’s success on Arabia. Early eco has. As mentioned above almost no civ uses paladins on Arabia, and farimba actually gives malians a more achievable, better power unit than most civs. Especially when we consider the combination of farimba H cam and cavalier


Yep. This is what it needs. Reminder that Malians were NUKED post release.


Well, it’s clearly not as impactful as Teutons’ bonus as they currently save ZERO on farms :rofl:

And this doesn’t make any sense, saving 9w on each farm is hardly something I’d call overpowered.


I meant if it was changed :joy:

I didn’t see anyone here calling -9w per farm overpowered. I would like to see this change. It’s a good bonus imo, it adds up over time.


Let’s keep our hopes up! :pray:


Sure if you are only comparing their stats FU paladins outclass Farimba Cavalier but you are ignoring their biggest strengths, upgrade cost and research time. Paladin and blast furnace cost 1575F 975G, while Farimba cost 650F 400G. Additionally paladin takes 170S and can only be researched after Cavalier. While Farimba can be researched immediately upon reaching imperial in 100S.


eco + bombard cannon + other options. Franks in your example to go through one isn’t great late game anyway precisely because they don’t really have any power units.

because Camel in the matchups where they are good are better than Cavalier. Cavalier can’t beat endless Halbs but Camel can beat its supposed targets. Also it’s cheaper.

Anyway, Camel has its bad matchups too, it’s far from a versatile unit and I wasn’t implying that.

The main weakness of Malians imo is that their tech tree feels ‘meh’, a bit like Persians. No Siege Engineers, no Bracer, no Cav Archers, no Hussar, no Halbs, late game you are juggling counter units and for example if the opponent has Hussar spam and you have low gold you are stuck making Pikemen without last attack.

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Can’t you spam Farimba light cavalry in that case? Should beat almost any Hussar without extra bonuses.
It also fares similarly to Hussars against pikes and halbs (it dies horribly :rofl:)


i think farimba light cav is actually pretty strong.
Yes it has less HP but I think it’s effectively better in battles than standard hussar. It’s also not really weaker in raiding cause it needs less hits to kill a vill.

I think malians have a pretty solid lategame trash comp even without using the champskarls.