Buff Meinwerk with 2handed weapon?

What about giving the Meinwerk Palace the ability to give the 2 handed weapon for M@a in feudal?

  1. That would buff HREs feudal without buffing HREs Castle and imperial age

  2. That would encourage HRE Players to stay a Bit in feudal and Not only fast Castle.

  3. You would See Meinwerk more often.

  4. You would See the big Dane axe more often. I never gave my M@a the 2 handed alone. Always in Kombination with the Mace.

Whats your Opinion ? :slight_smile:

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Interesting idea.

I’d probably put all the unique techs in there, although not available in feudal.

Or maybe it just needs to discount the unit costs?

It needs something.

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No… Meinwerk will not overtake aachen in any scenario unless is buffed to ridiculous levels or aachen is nerffed. Thats how strong aachen is now.

Also HRE MAA don’t need anything in feudal