Buff Sweden PLS

About Sweden now

The economy comes from the torp
But it’s not safe to build like the Japanese

AGE 2 is restrained by long-range units
AGE 3 restrained by light cavalry
LeatherCannon is too expensive
FinnishRider is useless and its damage to melee infantry is reduced by half

What? Swedes still are a solid civ even after nerfs, in fact they were too OP at release

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Don’t know about buffs, swedes pretty strong civ, but leather cannons and hakkapelits should be reworked.

LCs are useless, for age II they are too expensive and fragile (die from any volley, the enemy doesn’t even need build counters) and in age III+ falconets better in any aspect. Only LCs that can be useful are 2 from the shipment.

Hakkapelits are just uhlans with bad resists, their range mode looks like a joke. See no reason to build them because swedes have access to more reliable hussars.


true man you get my words…

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Agree with military but not eco.
Their eco are already much stronger than other civs.

Swedes are currently no1 civ in treaty and supremacy. They got decent army and eco. Not the best army though it definitely need rework in some places but they’re in a ok spot

U mean nerf. Torps are op


Swedes are arguably top 3 civ in supremacy and arguably no1 if u account all the different game modes.

Swedes if used properly is hard v hard to beat. They can mass caro in age2 like crazy while top booming…and they have a strong ff and fi option.

If u think they need a buff…ur just not using them properly