Buff the The Philosopher Prince politician

the 500f politician offers the worse trade of all of them. Althou it is used situationally, it could use a buff (just like the one you made with The Naturalist).

make it 600f. The game is 15 years old, 600f could create another strat to keep the gameplay fresh.

-The Quartermaster (400w): 800VS (villager seconds)
-The Governor (outpost wagon + 200c): 883VS from 500VS(250w) + 50VS(build) + 333VS(200c)
-The_Philosopher_Prince (500f): 595VS
-The_Philosopher_Prince (600f): 714VS

It will still be the worse polititian in terms of VS but at least it would be more useful


Interjection or Will from Forgotten Empires tried once to change the age up cost of Philosopher Prince to 700 food. Not sure why this change never made it into de, but maybe there was a reason.


You can’t just consider VS, you have to think about how useful it is.
For instance, sometimes you don’t need a tower, so the governor is just bad. On the other hand, you always need food, and it’s the easiest resource to spend, so it has to be weaker.

Besides, some civs don’t have a 400w politician (brit, swedes, spain), and then 500f is a good option.
Why should we buff an already viable polician to make it the “go to” politician?

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Is it still viable when you can age with 2 vills and semi-fat cows?

I’m not sure how many civs have this option but both Sweden and Brits do and I haven’t been using 500f age up any longer for Brits.

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That’s a good question.
It is viable for sure if you want to be aggressive (like the aklak double musk build or the double rax lb/pike) but 2 semi fattened cows is worth 200 food (you need to gather it), and 2v is better than 300f.

I guess 2v+cows will become the standard for eco builds and people will use 500f to rush.


I think one of the principal use of the philosopher prince is for fast forteress : 500 food from the prince and a 700 gold card. Sure 100 more food is nice, but is it needed ?

With your VS approach, you could argue some cards need to be changed, e. g. 700 food/wood/gold. I don’t think it should.

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I agree, the difference in VS just contributes to the decision making imo. There are some cards/techs/politicians that just simply don’t seem viable though.


I don’t understand why you want age up with 500f as brit when you have so many vili to protect. Saving 1 vili with your tower make your 200g + tower better, and the tower can do so much more. To me, you don’t realy need 500f in early age 2.

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What is your tower going to do against Jap or Dutch? I’d rather have 200f.

Agree but there are not a lot of situation where 500f > tower and to me 500f deserve to be buffed. Idk about sweden but 500f is almost never used (only with brit and i realy want to know what is the ratio of 500f / tower age up)


700f might be too much. We could start with 600f.

so 6 Euro six have the 400w, it’s twice the number of civs that do not have it. Is 500f a great option thou? It is not so useful when the 6 Civs that have 400w and 500f always go for the 400w. It’s a no brainer, and this is a strategy game that should require some thinking when you ageup.

I wont be the “to-go” politician, it still offers less than 400w. It will be a buff to fresh up strategies on a 15yo game bc you will have another -arguably- good option to age.

For example, they buffed the Naturalist and now you consider more options before you age.

I am not askign for card changes because that is another mechanic of the game, for Trading Post and 700/600 resources cards developers didnt want to make a distinction (to force some decisions). But for the ageup politicians you know they did want to make a difference, why is it 400w/500f and no 400w/400f then?

exactly, is not about to messing up existing strategies. It is about encouraging new strats buffing less used technologies.

Why are we so afraid of changing things? We can always reverted if it becomes the best ageup option -which will probably not-
Would you rather have the old revolutions that were rarely used or these new revolt mechanics?

Tbh i am not against 800f/700f crate. Still not worth to send but maybe add some option.

You misunderstand, you still receive 500 food on aging up, not 700. The ‘age up’ cost is 700 food instead of 800, which of course means you can age up sooner. It’s a little better then 600 food.

Also there’s a lot of people terrified of change, even ones that can be reverted, it’s tiring. I really don’t know how their gunna handle DE, even for my tastes its… very out there…

Though unfortunately most of the revolutions are still awful. As are most (maybe all) of the 900 food politicians.


my bad, that option could be tried too. both FF and rush will benefit

I’ve often wondered about a cheaper age up that gives little to no bonus. Like age to colonial for 600f or something like that.

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you had a 600f option in the Napoleonic Era mod … The guy works with FE now so I wonder why he didnt port more of his ideas