Buff to Koreans

The first one is a small ask make the minimum range on mangonels apply to all siege units. Currently the Team bonus is rather underwhelming outside of a few clutch situations and the reality is that many player will forget they even have it and the design of Koreans means that you teammate are very unlikely to spec into onagers. Making it affect all Siege will give it better synergy with your allies composition while it easier to remember to use.

The second is a larger ask give Koreans +20% faster repairs this will help reinforce their rule as defensive and naval civilization it will also give a total of 6 bonus and with faster stoneminer, free tower, and Eupseong this might be too much but they don’t really have anything beside the wood discount warwagons, free archer armor, and arbalest.

Koreans honestly need a rework to be even a good civ, they might have a good deathball in post imp, but most other civs can simply reach that point faster before Koreans breath, but War Wagons are already at the verge of being totally OP so how you do that, Koreasn hsould be a good civ that can hold well on most maps, not a civ that suck most of the time but only wins by rushing out War Wagons.

War wagons are not good units if your opponent is at all comfortable with using monks. It’s actually incredibly risky to rush war wagons because of the way it’s almost impossible to kill the converted war wagon before it runs off. Which means you’ll have to kill war wagons in the future and Koreans do not have good tools for killing war wagons. There’s been lots of high level games where war wagons get turned against the korean player like this.