Buff Winged Hussars German card 6 to 7

Winged hussars now cost 200f 100c (prepatch 250f 100c)

The average shipment of age 4 has a value of 1600 res.


German card ships 6 w hussars (2100 res) - 4 uhlans (600 res) = 1500 res.

(Nice for a free pop native shipment)


6 w hussars (1800 res) - 4 uhlans (600 res) = 1200 res.


Add 1+

7 winged hussars (2100 res) - 4 uhlans (600 res) = 1500 res.

Perfectly balanced.

You also get the Vasa veteran and guard upgrades though. Thats worth some res no?

@Opdepov Of course, but the card was not used before and now it is nerfed…

I never saw it at competitive player use it, I really like it because it’s free pop and I’ve used it a lot but 2 heavy canons is usually more profitable in most cases in 1vs1.

And in EQ it does not have space nor do you need it.

Any other non infinite age IV native shipment would cost you at least a 1000 coin and wouldnt even give you the guard upgrade.
For a native shipment the winged hussar are much better than others of its kind. If it is still not good enough thats more of an issue with native shipments in general.

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Is true, some other cards need most the buff, but say examples plz, I remember for ex:

(Non infinite!)

  • 25 royal musks 1k = 2875 res (- 1600) = 1275

  • 24 akan ankobia 1k = 2760 = 1160

  • 26 ratan 1k = 2860 = 1260

  • 11 askari 1k = 2750 = 1150