Buffing Colbertism to add more variety and make it en par to other Trickles

Colbertism as part of the 3 trickle cards , Distributism , Capitalism and Colbertism is by far the weakest one of those 3 and has never received a buff unlike Capitalism . Some Civs would prefer to utilise this card maybe, and it would add to the Opening variety especially for Dutch.

as it stands now , we have distributism at 1.25 w/s
Capitalism at 1.65c/s
and Colbertism at 1.5f/s

Gather rates on wood/coin / and food are 0.5w/s , 0.6c/s and 0.84f/s. If we take an effiiency rate of 95% for both coin and wood and 85% for food(conservatively ) , and we convert everything to villager seconds we get for

Distributism : 157,9 seconds
Capitalism : 173,7 seconds
Colbertism : 126 seconds

to put colbertism between Distributism and Capitalism it should be between 1.85f/s and 2f/s roughly. As it stands now, colbertism is totally unused while both distributism and capitalsim is an alternative in many BOs and for many Civs even the most commonly used Opening shipment. Feel free to correct me here. thx!!!


The same is true for the sumptuary laws of Asian civilization. It provides 0.3 of food, wood, gold and 0.15 of export and XP. Asian countries are not willing to use this card


yeah good points. didnt do the math here but it looks like its just slightly better than colbertism but a lot worse than the other 2 . and again, its not just about being useful , its about variety as well.

Looks like apart India and Russia , the new brits will utilise Distributism finally now. I welcome this change .
Italia in particular but also Otto,USA,Spain often make use of Capitalism as well, but noone uses Colbertism or Sanctuary Laws …


Colbertism should have the efficiency of 2.5 Settlers (close to 2f/s) to be compared with the cards of 3 Settlers. Compared with Distributorship and Capitalism, its current efficiency is 1.5f/s or even less than the efficiency of 2 Settlers. Now that 2 Settlers become unlimited cards, it is almost impossible for Colbertism to appear

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Agreed. Currently the only use of Corbertism is a as German consulate shipment, which is underused anyways. And Food is the easiest resource to gather.
Capitalism has a beefy value and dustributivism is about the only finite resource. But Corbertism really has nothing going for it but being non-raidable.

I thought about 1.85f/s for colbertism , 1.35w/s for distributism and keep capitalism the way it is .Nothing is broken here , only adds more variety to more competitive opening builds finally.
As India is already pretty strong, we could remove distributism then from India (as those trickles are only for Europeans mostly ) and instead give them 300w+1Villager and buff Sanctuary Laws instead

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This is true and it is such an expensive technology that you cannot even buy it right away when you send Tea Export, unlike 400f for french. At least with a buff the cost would be justified.

Sanctuary Laws is a tricky one to buff, although it is definitively under powered right now and not worth sending.

I think it would be interesting to see it buff particularly non-standard resources, like export and XP, over normal resources.

Perhaps the team version can convert some of the export into coin for your non-Asian allies, I am not sure.