Buffing halbs

Hi there, i think infantry is rather useless exept for eagles, thats a boomer cuz it affects not only them, but the units that are supossed to counter infantry and makes both very uncommon.

What if melee cavalry units had negative bonus dmg against halbs and Anti cav infantry. They still will be easy to kill for archers and champions, knights will have a good counter and we may ser a more interesting game with more diverse units and strategies

pikes and halbs are already very common and are insanely cost effective vs cavalry, why would they need to be better against cavalry?

the fact that pikes/halbs are insanely dirt cheap and have such low base attack is the clear indication they aren’t supposed to a unit used in every situation. especially combined with the fact that nearly every ranged unit in the game does bonus damage to them.

just like every other RTS game units have roles they were designed to fill - the pike/halb aren’t designed to be anything more then an insanely cheap cavalry killer/meat shield.


Halberdiers do not cost gold. Buffing them could an insane snowball effect. Many civs don’t even get halberdiers, and some like Turks don’t even get pikemen. 2 to 3 Halberdiers already beat a Paladin with ease.


and cost far less and train much faster to boot. and don’t cost nearly as much to upgrade.

Technically, i’m not buffing halbs, or their stats, Even skirms can kill them and still could just as easilly.

I’m just nerfing cav a little to one unit that is supposed to counter them

and halbs do counter cavalry. so why do they need nerfs against halbs? because a pike doesn’t beat a knight 1v1 and a halb doesn’t beat a paladin 1v1?
they also cost far far less then heavy cavalry does.

Cavalry cost lots of gold and food. In the long run, Halberdiers will win in 1v1 with poor gold.

Cavalry only truly shine in team games where they get access to trade. Late game Paladin Spam can only truly happen in team games.

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So giving bonus armor to a unit is not buffing it? Youre weird.

Generllay, the idea is really bad. Cav already has to be microed very well as soon as halbs are researched and we dont want the matchup to be even more onesided.

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Negative bonus damage (bonus armour) makes every halberdier Teutonic Halberdier and with that buff will shine more. I don’t think spearman line needs change. But militia line needs.


militia line needs very slight buffs at best. maybe some extra speed, supplies and ls cheaper.

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The point is not to rely on cavalry so much and explore new options with units outside the meta.

You could kill halbs with many units, like champions, jaguar Warriors, cav archers, skirms, onagers, etc.

we see knights, archers, and unique units quite frequently. we also depending on the civ and matchup see elephants, eagles, the militia line, and cav archers.

what more do you want?

and they do, quite frequently - but the point is that halbs ALREADY beat Cavalry, why do they need to be even better against cavalry? because you don’t like seeing Cavalry so much?
what about civs that lack good options outside of cavalry? what do they do after you’ve utterly neutered their entire civilization?


If I wanted to play non meta I would host a mod/scenarios. I play so many mods and scenarios I frankly suck at playing a normal game. I mostly play Diplomacy with crazy units and mods.

All that said, I do like normal games as well. But mostly in chill games of 4v4 black forest.

But it makes even outnumbered halbs can take a lot of Paladins down. Sometimes if you outnumber them you can charge pikes with cavalry but this makes it impossible. Just think best halberdier in the game, Teutonic Halberdiers because they take less damage from Cavalry. Giving this one civ bonus to everyone makes no sense.

I use them but not about every player uses Cavalry Archers with Parthian Tactics.

Anti-Trash and Anti-Infantry. Some players use that but I usually have Cavalry Archers.

Siege counters everything. They don’t need a mention.

Say one cav civ that does not get basic skirms or longsword, two cheap counters to halbs.

I love cav units, and they are supposed to be the best, but there are many units i would like to see too. And it is not like cav would be useless, You just would need to support them a little, halbs wouldnt do any extra dmg ir nothing like that

Judging from your comments here, you are the one who should support his halbs with something.

Play as Incas. They melt cavalry. Kamayuk are like both a champ and halb at the same time (kill many non gold costing units with ease) with plus 1 range. And even trade decently against other infantry.

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hot news tip - cav civs already mix in skirms specifically to counter halbs. so you’re change literally does nothing except make a unit that is already good against cavalry, even better.

so what is the point of your change?

  1. like what?
  2. this change does nothing because cav civ salready mix in anti halb units to begin with.

they already do. how much of the meta are you watching? most players mix a gold unit (knights or archers) with a unit that complements it and shores up its weakness.

I need to remind you paid 25 wood and 35 food to a Halberdier. Eagles cost 20 food 50 gold and a knight costs 60 food 75 gold. I think second cheapest unit in the game Halberdiers. (Skirmishers cost 35 wood and 25 food, food is more important than wood)

If you buff them you need to increase cost. But it will make scout rushes better because a spearman costs a lot of resources and you need to create them a lot and spread them to hit scouts. I am not talking about Goths and Byzantines Spearmans.

We rejected your idea because Halberdiers doing their job well. Maybe adding Heavy Pikeman-Line good idea with bonus armour but less bonus damage vs cavalry.

I see plenty of halbs.

Pikes aren’t really good enough in (late) Imp, which hurts Italians & Saracens & co, but that’s by design.