Buffing the Missionary

I think it’s incredibly weird that the missionary is weaker than the monk, after all, it is a unique unit and should therefore be stronger than its generic counterpart and so here are my balance suggestions:

  • Heals a bit faster than the monk
  • Speed increased
  • Increased healing range

stronger then its counterpart? guess we gotta buff a bunch of unique units then.
its got points where its stronger and its got points where its weaker.
it has less range but it has far more mobility.

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But no one seems to be using it so therefore it needs a buff to at least make it look like a better choice than the monk.

monks are situational at best anyway. and the reason monks are usually chosen is because they can pick up relics.

besides, the missionary is a SECONDARY unique unit. the other spanish Unique unit sees very common usage.

They are awesome and useful in every situation other than when you’re going up against something that is ranged, and you know… WOLOLO!

And the least used unique unit in the game, it’s the siege tower of UUs.

yeah they are great vs the scout line and eagles too right?

i don’t know about that, i’ve seen missionaries here and there. again. go watch some pro level play - tell me how many monks you actually see them make in your average game.

I knew you were gonna bring that up.

I like the time when AoE was just wololo.

Can someone other than @MatCauthon3 say what they think of my suggestions?

I really really really wouldnt buff the range for reasons that @MatCauthon3 mentioned.
If you wanna make it better, maybe increase the movement speed to 1.2 or give it some cavalry armor (like cataphracts have)

i’d just make them able to pick up relics.


Relics, shemlics, I just pick up relics because they look cool not because they generate gold.

Look at it sitting there.

that’s the best reason to pick them up. and to deny them to your opponent. especially if your opponent happens to be Lithuanians or Burgundians or Aztecs or have any of those on their team.

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They only generate as much gold as one post-imp miner and I also never run out of gold in my games because I always build TCs on extra gold.

free gold is free. and remember - it also gives food as Burgundians, Extra Gold as Aztecs, and Lithuanians get attack for their units. if you have a team with all 3, the Lithuanian player is getting 30 food, 40 gold per minute per relic, and 1 attack on their knights. even if its only as much gold as 1 miner, that’s still up to 5 extra miners worth of gold you can get. and it actually more then that, because it denies your opponent that gold too.

Missionaries are affected by Bloodlines and Husbandry, so right off the bat they have a solid advantage over Monks in term of speed and survivability, 2 things Monks struggle with. If they had the same range as a standard Monk they would become the perfect anti-knight rush. As for being able to pick up Relics, I’m split on this part. I’m afraid it would make Spanish too good at capturing Relics. If anything, a buff in speed would be better.


I like this proposal, but not sure if the Missionary picking relics could be implemented in the game as it is right now
But sure I would give them the same range as the Monks

But it can’t get relics. I think a buff like the faster healing that @FoughtBird1976 proposes is a good idea.

Range can stay where it is since with the unique tech spanish monks and missionaries are hella strong

Please share how you find extra gold tiles in a 40 minute long game.

They are barely used unless you are going for a very specific strategy

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Finally, somebody who agrees with me. Thanks, @soyunidolo. :smiley:

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It already has the same healing speed as the Monk, with roughly 50% more HP and speed. I don’t think it needs this kind of buff.

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