Buffing the Missionary

But my plan now is to make the missionary the perfect companion to your army of Conquistadors and Paladins so faster healing is justified and I’ve edited my post to reflect that.

I’m talking about those gold tiles of 4.

I’d rather just add more conquistadors than have a few missionaries

Again, how do you find them? 40 minutes in you are getting close to trash war, which means you have found the entire map basically

40 minutes into a game those are running out.

It makes little sense to boost the healing rate, given it is already the same as Monk, while Missionary has the same cost, same training time, and better stats. Such buff would call a nerf.

No need. He’s right and you are wrong.

Tis mean one vilager on gold less, and this mean one vilager on other resource more or one more military.

Just make them lose speed advantage over monks when they carry relics. Should do the job - still will get Spanish advantage, but not very large one.

Indians can also have extra gold thanks to sultanate

They don’t need to be stronger in all cases, but better at something. For example, Boyars are better at melee fights, Costelliers at raiding, Mangudai vs siege, Huscarls are faster and tanky against arrows etc.

The problem its that missionary can have mobility, but its useless because you cant convert while moving or pick relics and have a huge nerf compared to the normal monk with the -2 range… now if they heal better and have mobility or convert faster well they could be a interesting option


Somehow I doubt the game mechanics are such that -2 range but +20 (+44%) HP and +0.58 (+73%) speed is a bad trade-off. You also get this very cheaply with 2 shared cavalry upgrades, 2 monk upgrades.

The most important thing to remember is monks and missionaries don’t lose conversion intervals if they chase a target, they only lose them if you give them a non-conversion command (i.e. move, heal, garrison, etc.). This means non cavalry can’t run away from a missionary, they have to fight/drive off the missionaries or be converted.

The other big thing missionaries allow for is conversion cycling. Basic idea is just use a handful of missionaries (like 5 tops) to run in, quickly convert, then run out and repeat. Unlike normal monks which slow down everything severely and take a ton of micro to make sure they’re in the right position, missionaries are fast enough to just have nearby wherever you go. You can then queue up the convert and move back out commands without too much hassle. Monks can only get away with this on the defensive.

Some other thoughts:

  • Straight up easier to keep alive.
  • They also counter battle and war elephants super hard because of their ability to run away or chase down the elephants.
  • They keep pace with conqs and given they can heal 150hp every minute a small number like 3 goes a long way with short pauses to heal up. Plus you can still convert enemy units with them.
  • Missionaries have an advantage in using redemption to convert buildings to make holes in walls. They can bail more easily and move to remote locations of the wall where a house was built.
  • Missionaries can still do that “spam click on enemy villagers to prevent building” trick. Since they are much faster they can get into range to do this faster.

So yeah I’d say with some practice you can make a handful of missionaries be very impactful. Using f1-f5 for production and 1-5 on actual military units makes this a lot easier or using extra mouse buttons.


How about giving the Missionary to the Portuguese as well & calling it an Iberian UU?

It appears in the Francisco de Almeida campaign as such.

Considering that portuguese missionaries were the cause of the early conversions of people in Japan (16th century) I’d say it would be also very historically correct.
Then they were exterminated and banished along with all christians, but that’s another story.