Buffs For Sweden And Ethiopia


age 1:
extra wood crate.

age 2:
caroleans moved to age 3, leather cannons now trainable at barracks as well as foundry.

leather cannon stats reworked to 100hp with 75% ranged resistance, 18 range, 60 damage with same bonuses as falconets, 2 aoe, 3 move speed. 400 food cost. range increases +2 per rank, speed by 0.5.

leather cannons become infantry guns in age 3, heavy infantry guns age 4 and imperial infantry guns age 5.

reworked cards:
Swedish hand damage increases damage of pikes, halberds, and hussars. Swedish hand hit points moved to age 3, now hand combat and buffs pikes and halberds. +15% hp for hussars split and moved into trample tactics(+5%) and finn horses(+10%), affects Hakkapeliitta as well. 2 leather cannons free again.

new cards:
6 jaegers for 500 gold, 6 highlanders for 500 gold, 4 black riders for 300 gold.

rural conscription:
ships 3 pikes and xbows, train time reduced by 40%, cost changed to pure food.

Church changes:
savolax jaegers now splits cost to 50% food/gold, increases hp/damage by 10% and enables auto regeneration as well as stealth.

push of pike costs 500 food, ships 8 pikes and increases pike/halberd move speed by +1.0, but also increases cost by 25%.

halberds have +10/10% increase and auto upgrade.

age 3:
caroleans now have 4 move speed, 10 ranged damage x2 vs cavalry, 1.5 rof and 10 range. 16 melee x2 vs heavy infantry. +2 range for guard upgrade, shadow upgrades in fortress.

carolean charge now lasts 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown. increases melee resistance by +.3, melee damage by 1.25x, and move speed by additional +.5.

Iron Troops, Manchu and Mamelukes added. they unlock training at barracks and stables.

snap locks now +2 for both caroleans and Hakkapeliitta rather than +3/+1.

platoon fire now +.5 bonus vs cavalry at range instead of +.7.

Dalecarlian rebellion changes pikes to halberds and adds a new repeatable ability in town center. changes all pikes in the field to halberds, 1k gold and 2.5 minute cooldown.

age 4 cards:
18 Iron Troops for 2k gold, 16 Manchu for 2k gold, and 9 Yojimbo for 2k gold. 6 Mamelukes for 1k becomes 9 Mamelukes for 2k.


nerfs aside from malus to artillery, move speed and age 3 range to mortar reverted. Train time, cost and pop space further reduced.

now gain 2/4/6/10 cows and cow build limit increase on age up.

new age 2 card reduces livestock cost and train time by 25%, villagers and abuns by 10%. Ships a villager, an abun and a cow.

idle abuns no longer count towards idle villagers

Sweden needs a buff, agreed! Maybe a 100f to start off since they’re slow at the beginning. But they scale fine after, so i don’t think they need more.

80% ranged resist is practically unkillable when surrounded by Carolean/pikes especially so early in the game.

I think Sweden is like Japan. If she manages to fight back, she becomes unstoppable afterwards.

No offense, but these changes are insane.

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Abuns should not be recognized as idle villagers when they are not collecting coin.


This is already the case? unless you are asking for the card to be buffed?

I am pretty sure this will give them the most powerful hussar in the game, like even more then brittish hussar so no

they can train jeagers from barracks late game so definitely no, its also giving them royal guard stats in age 3.

do we want to start another ashi debate war? also why give then multi vs cav in melee that was their weakness. also in total they this means they have 21 range in imp. yeah 21 range muskets with 1.5 rof with 4.5 speed, thats not going to end well.

its more that they don’t feel great to play even if you survive the early game. with how hard torps where nerfed why not play any other civ instead, 100 food or no?

making cards more streamlined, adding exciting new ones, and shaking up age 2 gameplay with no caroleans but stronger and more accessible leather cannons hopefully increase how fun it is to play.

caroleans would be relegated to age 3, and the ranged resist would be to compensate for losing a third of their hp and 18 range. -50 hp means they die in 2 less melee hits to hussars, while reducing range from 21 to 18 means they are a lot less obnoxious compared to say pre nerf hauracas.

goal is to make leather cannons in age 2 a sort of fragile anti infantry tower to help them survive. if it’s too overwhelming, hp can be dropped to 100, ranged resistance to 75%, and speed to 2.5.

I believe Japanese units are stronger with more powerful buffs, their eco is much better and safer, and their shrines greatly outshine torps. with no eco buffs for Sweden they would probably be far behind Japan still. The longer the game goes on, the better it is for Japan before extreme late game.

For treaty, these changes would completely break Sweden. Ethiopia is already broken (stupidly strong) and needs a heavy nerf. Gotta keep different game modes in mind when you think of changes to the game.

it’s a nerf, rather than affect all hand units it only affects Swedish pikes, halberds and hussars. this means it no longer buffs mercenaries and native units.

if it makes hussars too overwhelming, combat card can be hand infantry only and previous hussar effect moved to trample tactics. that card could use more love and Hakkapeliitta as well.

adding a food cost mercenary to the mix would be a benefit, it weans swedes off a reliance on mines for mercenary strats and gives them an outlet for excess food and hunts in jaegers.

10/10% isn’t royal guard status, that would be 40/40%. Swedish jaegers would still be among the worst euro jaegers in age 3, losing out to Dutch, French, Port and German jaegers.

I’m assuming you mean the move speed. its needed as unlike ashi, caroleans would be age 3 only, have same hp and less ranged damage than musketeers and have an ability dedicated to melee attacks. since the ability and melee resistance was nerfed how often have you seen carolean charge being used to engage rather than as an escape? caroleans are too slow to effectively use that melee attack.

it would still be far less than what a musketeer does and is to make up for a 25% nerf to base melee attack. but them not having any bonus will probably lead to more interesting micro, so removing it may be better.

I forgot to nerf the card, and the way I typed +2 meant it would 14 range in fortress rather than intended 12, so my bad on that. goal is to have same range as muskets in age 3, 14 in age 4 and 16 in age 5, boosted by +2 with the card. that means they will have -1 less range than they do currently in age 3 with card but +1 more in age 4, giving them a weaker start but better scaling. ill rewrite to fix and clarify that.

the 1.5 rof still results in musketeers dealing 15% more damage, ashi 20% more. the 4.5 move speed is for their melee combat potential, with the ability and melee resistance nerf it needs help to function.

aside from caroleans and +10/10% jeagers, how would it buff Sweden in treaty? hand infantry/cavalry cards no longer affecting mercs and natives is a sizable nerf and stops landsknecht and other mercs from terrorizing treaty play, leather cannons are still strictly worse than falconets and horse artillery, and one-time merc shipments have little to no effect.

comcordo 20 caracteres

No decent player relies on mercs for treaty, its a very niche thing. Your suggestions for caroleans seems like an overall buff, slightly less damage but they move faster, have a bigger multi against cav and higher range. Starting wood only buffs their boom which is one of the highest eco booms in the game. Lastly changing the team card to all infantry is just absurd. Imagine those buffs for China or Inca in a team game especially, that said all civs would have a giant advantage and unbalance the game simply by having Sweden on their team.

if caroleans would be too strong in treaty, they can lose the +2 range in imperial, leaving it only for the guard upgrade. They would end up with +1 range compared to now after card, at 16 instead of 15.

that team infantry card would be matching the Dutch, I don’t believe it is over the top. if it does push them over however it can be reverted to heavy only.

as for the starting wood, they are too slow in supremacy and need a boost. it would be more than compensated by natives being less effective.

my bad, the reason why I say royal guard is that combined with merc contractor gives it the same impact as a royal guard unit. also considering that dutch and port doesnt even have access to jeager shipments, being weaker then them is a moot point. French on the other hand doesn’t bother since they can mass skirms more easily and french skirms have HP upgrades that makes them better then Jeagers in age 3 anyway.

the point still stand, changing it to a food cost would make them scale hard for the swede eco in the lategame, also the regen which is effectively an addition buff to their tankiness.

it was almost never used to start engagement, but the reason for that was more that the way their multis worked, it was meant for combat against other heavy infantry, which either fight in melee so you dont care to charge in, or other muskets, which from age 3 onwards the carolean outrange so they just kite. increasing their speed won’t change that.

The only time you use the charge to engage is in age 2 fights against relatively low hp archer units like CKN or strelet, and even then caroleans don’t want to take that fight.

but a higher rof means they are much more microable and the 4.5 speed means that they effectively can deny combat by just running away, combined with the fact that they get increased range, means that they can just kite their opponents to death, especially if its a musk civ or civs without long range skirms and even then I suspect its still too much (like brit would have no counter to such a unit since lbs multi against heavy infantry is tiny), they can deal less damage but if the other side cant fire back then its effectively free damage. Not even accounting for the fact that swede always have access to advance arsenal, so a 4.5 speed caro means its effectively a 5 speed unit.

the whole 4.5 speed musk thing already has a lot of arguments about it, ashi are like very polarising, to me barely balanced by their cost (could still use a cost nerf), caroloeans would need like multiple additional changes to balance this out ( cost change, no range increase)

I think it’s alright for Sweden to have a merc scaling well off their eco as well as having unique abilities. though if it is too much of a bonus it can be a 50/50 split between gold and food.

as for the move speed perhaps buffing their ability more would be a better solution. giving it a higher move speed, longer duration, and an increase to melee resistance and damage while active would be a more targeted and effective approach.

Not sure what you meant with the range stuff.

Sweden team card is flat +15%, Dutch is 10% and 5% for dutch itself. Dutch is also regarded as a weak civ in treaty, whereas Sweden is already strong. So giving an already strong civ even more strength in team games would be too much. The natives are whatever, melee natives arent spammed all that much in treaty and its selective when you use them, however changing the team card will buff all ranged inf natives which, generally speaking, are more spammable. So part of a Swedish native army is nerfed, but the other more spammable one is buffed.

I understand that Sweden might need more for supremacy, but for treaty, Sweden doesnt need any changes, they are in a good place right now. However I would like to see a meta shift as I find the wood boom cancerous for team play and its a shame the Hakkapelit just isnt used as Caroleans/Hussars are just so good. Would also love to see changes to leather canons because they arent ever used either. The food costs are just too hard to justify ever using them regardless of stats when horse art are as good as they are. Could see them having a place if they changed them to cost gold instead though, would be really nice for split fighting. However I dont know how changes to Hakka and leather canons would affect things for supremacy so cant really comment on that.

I’ve removed the suggestion for the change for team heavy infantry hit points.

as for treaty specific side, you’ll have to make your own suggestions for a meta shift. giving leather cannons extra range and 1 aoe from imperial upgrade, and a card that increases Hakkapeliitta ranged resistance and range in age 4 might be what you’re looking for though.

added to ethiopia suggestions

Its good to come up with suggestions, but its very hard to get it right when youre dealing with 2 different game modes. Also Ethiopia is maybe the most broken civ in the game for treaty, that or USA. So any buffs to them that affect treaty is just a no go. They need a heavy nerf, specially the mortars which might be the most broken unit in the game for treaty. USA and Ethiopia are currently banned from high level lobbies for treaty, so bare that in mind when you are talking about late game changes.