Bug: AI built wall that did not block units. (See Pic)

The AI ally (yellow) built this 1 segment stone wall (which was good since this was an important choke point actually so that is good). But oddly, it did not work, as units could bypass this wall. The blue palisade seen was built to stop units traversing this shore. See in one of the pics how the ally’s sheet is walking past the wall.

-Could be an issue with MegaRandom map? Unfortunately I was not able to test whether I could build a stone wall similar to the AI’s to see if it could stop units passing.
-However, from the picture, I realize it looks like it tried to build it parallel to the treeline/shoreline and maybe that is the problem. If I was able to build a wall, I would have dragged it to build perpendicular to the shore and I think that would have made it look the same but turned 90°. If this was the case, then the issue is with the AI understanding this and not building sideways walls. Which I think it is doing since I have seen it build basically parallel against a rock wall.
Regardless, this wall failed to do anything.
Thanks for reading.

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Thanks @JohnDresty! Do you happen to have map details?

I’m sorry. I should have wrote down the key. You would also want the Biome, “№ v №”, and map size, correct?
It was mega random is all I got for you and the screenshot. It was kind of surprising, seeing his own scout with sheep in tow wander between the wall and water. If I can recreate it, I will send the details. Thx.

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