[BUG?] Art of war - french (No tutorial/voice)

Game Version: 101.101.32708.0

  • Build : 4381514

Issue : No voice/tutorial in french , in art of war mode…

I just start mission of Art of war 1/2 , no tutorial begin? no voice with tips and script on the top like english version? I have just like 3 buble with notification for help me or its just a bug?

There is no voice in Art of War mode.

There is on english version

… Go at 3mn+

There’s no voice, the youtuber is reading 11

“Not-Retarded-AS-Man”, I didn’t know by “3mn+” you mean minutes, because people most of the time use atleast min. as a shortcut. I think you have really bad day man, but anyways - I checked others language and I think there is only voice for English Art of War or voice in other language is executed by game.

@FenomenoAOCthis is 2013 bug forum

I’ve moved it to the DE forum now