Game Version:

  • Platform Steam
  • Windows 10 Pro build 19043.1288
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI, Driver version 496.49 released 10/26/2021


I get a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) precisely when I finish building the House of Wisdom as Abbasid, on every game, the error code is VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. This started happening today

Happens both on Fullscreen and Borderless Fullscreen

Reproduction Steps:

Build the House of Wisdom

Now it happens at random, only with Age of Empires IV, no other games give me BSOD :frowning:

I really enjoy the game, but I can’t even finish one game without my PC BOSDing, any suggestions of settings I could try?

I’ve try windowed, full screen, minimum, medium, maximum graphics, always get the damn BSOD

When you say BSOD – you are saying your PC completely crashes and restarts, yes?

This sounds like it has something to do with the drivers. Have you updated them? Its when the Driver hangs and windows is like… Yeah lemme stop this.

I did updated the driver to latest, and it happens only with AoE 4.

As a matter of fact I will try DOWNGRADING my nvidia driver to see if it helps.

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Did it help bec i keep getting BSOD till now :sweat: