BUG: Cannot create more units before reaching max population

Game Version:

  • Build: up to date as of 25/12/2019
  • Platform Steam


One player in game cannot reach maximum poplulation. Houses are available, and units are queued, but game behaves as though maximum population has already been reached. Ex. with 300 max pop, player gets stuck at 236/300.

Reproduction Steps:

We haven’t figured out how to exactly replicate the bug, but it occurred in team games like 3v3, against AI, on a real world map and random map, specifically with 300 max supply. Notably, it only happens when population exceeds 200. Somewhere from 200-300 supply gets stuck. We did observe one instance of population getting stuck at 180/300. It seems to happen more than once, a player can get stuck at 240/300, then later at 210/300, etc.

Please let me know if you need any more information, I have replays if needed. Thanks, this bug is really annoying.

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