[Bug] Cannot post while having an unfinished upload

So some network issue occurred while I was uploading some screenshots. It just never finishes. But then I cannot post anymore. I cannot reply, or create topic.

Had to make this report on a different computer.

Hi @PilgrimHYR, Did you try clicking the cancel button?

Tried. Canceling didn’t work as long as it was still uploading. Now the upload seems finished and I could post again.

Hey @PilgrimHYR thanks for bringing this up! Any chance you could see if this is still happening please? Thx!


I tried this myself and there should be a black “X” next to the upload text to cancel the upload as shown in the screenshot below:

I don’t see that black “X” in your screenshot though, @PilgrimHYR. :thinking:

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Sometimes an image upload could still be stuck at some percentage for a while, but at least I could cancel the upload now :slight_smile: Thanks!

I guess they just added this feature?

It’s been on the forums since the refresh June 2017. Not sure why it didn’t display for you before.

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Hey @PilgrimHYR and @RadiatingBlade. Working with my team to see what’s going on. Will reply when I have more info. Thanks!

Hey @PilgrimHYR and @RadiatingBlade. Checked with the team and we’re not seeing any errors logged, but we’ll monitor. If this happens again, feel free to reach out. Thanks!!

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