[BUG] Defensive Stance Not Working Right?

Game Version:

  • Build 34223
  • Platform Steam


Scouts didn’t obey “Defensive Stance” command.

Reproduction Steps:

Sent a couple horses to enemy… Scouts, I think. It was pretty early in the game; Feudal Age. Enabled Defensive stance for them. Tried to attack a cow on their side, not knowing if the game would let me, since AoE2:HD seemed to only allow certain gaia kills. When they failed to even swing at the cow (pretty sure by game design), they quickly automatically ran to the enemy’s Town Center right next to them and started attacking it. Naturally, in response, the enemy promptly summoned villagers to the TC and started shooting me from it. My 2 or 3 horses were quickly killed before I could react and get them out of there.

The horses were not being attacked by anything before they decided to attack the TC, so I feel they should not have attacked the TC at all while in defensive stance.

Defensive stance attacks enemy units within vicinity of the unit, and it comes back the initial spot if the enemy run away.

If you want your unit to not move at all, pick stand ground.


Ohhh, right. Sorry about that. Thanks for clarifying! My scouts sensed all the nearby enemy stuff and attacked to ‘fend them off,’ so to speak. I normally use them in Defensive stance when I have them guarding my base, where they attack approaching units… so it was a unique circumstance yesterday that I’ve not done or witnessed before. But it now makes sense that’s how they would act. Many thanks, TriRem.

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