BUG during Campaign (Sundjata) - Game closes without reason

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.32911.0 4395365)
  • Platform (Steam)


I try again to play the campaign in this new version of the game, so the 1st one i get is Sundjata, but during the fist map (Hunted) I was playing ok without any lags or something but without any reasons the game closes and thats it, No error messages, no crash, it only closes like if I press “Alt + F4” directly.

Playing a normal game against AI the game runs normal, no crash, lags and the game dont close “from"nothing” out of the blue. It runs normal.

I want to play the campaigns but I will wait for a fix for this to start over, its so anoying you are playing well then the game closes…

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start the 1st mission of the campaign Sundjata.
  2. Playing normal, and out of the blue the game closes.
  • Game closes during campaign in 3 differents moments, not at the same amount of time played.

I try re-starting the campaign 3 times, one time the game closes when I was moving a unit.
Other time the game closes when I was clicking of buildings
And the last one I was only “watching” the game itself evolving, no mouse move or hotkeys clicked and the game again closes.

Windows 10 updated, gpu driver updated.

(Unfortunately I cant take any kind of picture, but the post talk for itself)

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Getting the exact same problem on a custom campaign, crashes on the same place even if I save and play from there. It happens at about 15-20mins after reaching 4th Age.

After today patch 11/21, if playing campaign game keeps closing without any reason.

I really want to play the campaign again ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Confirmed bug is also occurring for me. Tried again with a new start and happened a second time.

Sundjata mission 2, crash no message.

I’m assuming it’s because a Granary died and it’s missing an animation but could be something else.

me too game crash mission 2 no message come after crash

Same for me on Sundjata campaign.
For the first mission the game crashed at one point in time and when restarting from the autosave it keeps crashing at the exact same time.
Eventually by starting from the beginning of the mission again I managed to complete the whole mission.
For the second mission of Sundjata game crashes again and same behaviour by reloading from autosave (crashes always at the same time after load). I can’t be bothered trying again from the beginning.
Before the latest patch I did the complete “El Cid” campaign and one of the South Americans one with no crash at all

Same for me on mission 2. The trigger seems to be a watch tower being destroyed. Blue is getting attacked by green, the moment one of their towers is destroyed the game crashes.

Edit: I tried reproducing the bug today. Started the level anew, cheated a bunch and attacked ground on my allies in the level. No crashes. Played through without cheating and no crash, though I purposely built castles to defend my allies to try to avoid the issue.
Oddly, the save I have from yesterday still crashes immediately. (I’d upload the save, but I have no idea where they are stored [windows/steam])

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I am also getting this crash. :\

I have same problem :b

This issue is now being tracked, thank you for the reports.

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Crash only happened for me when an enemy attempted to attack the “Granary” buildings. Unfortunately you cannot delete them. You can however get to Castle age, make a Mangonel and attack ground them down. Once I did that I never had a crash in the first 2 missions. Note in the 2nd Sundjata mission your close ally has a couple of these that you will need to destroy as well. Until its fixed this is your only work-around.

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This was my experience to the letter.

We just released an update that may resolve this. Check it out and let us know if there are still any issues. The full list of updates can be found here:

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 34699

Three days ago, I started the decision in the same way but already of all the campaigns, and tried out already past campaigns and I get automatically when the story of each one ends.