^Title. I was just using the DE Advanced Genie Editor for a historical accuracy mod I’m working on, when I realized that the Eagle Warrior unit (not the EEW or Eagle Scout) does 0 damage to Cavalry. I tested this out and it appears to be an actual thing, where Eagle Warriors are useless against Cavalry, doing less bonus damage than Eagle Scouts. Apparently this was an oversight. Elite Eagle Warriors and Eagle Scouts still have their bonus damage, but this could greatly affect Meso Civs’ viability in Castle Age warfare.


Are you sure about this ? I’m checking the data at the moment and eagle warriors have +3 attack vs cavalry, same as eagle scouts in castle age.

Eagle scouts have 0 base bonus vs cavalry, but they gain +3 when reaching castle age.

@TriRem positive. I made sure I had the file downloaded and saw it again. 0 damage vs Cavalry for Eagle Warriors. Like I said, it’s just Eagle Warriors. The Eagle Scouts and Elite Eagle Warriors still have their cavalry bonus. I was watching a Hera game where he was Incas vs. Tatoh’s Vikings recently and Hera even was surprised by the Eagle Warriors: “Man Eagle Warriors like suck now, they seem to do no damage.” He was fighting with Castle Age Eagle Warriors.

I just tested in the scenario editor,
With 0 upgrades vs a knight with 0 upgrades a;
Eagle scout dealt 2 damage (no bonus)
Eagle Warrior dealt 8 damage (+3 bonus)
Elite Eagle Warrior dealt 11 damage (+4 bonus)