[Bug/error] Cannot submit simple scenario mod via website OR game

EDIT: I managed to solve this just before I posted this thread, but thought I’d still post this to help others. It seems nothing was wrong with my mod zip file or screenshots, but it was the mod description you enter on the website. It contained a facebook link, an email address, and my nickname on other projects which is ‘Whiteboy’. When I removed all 3 of these it worked, despite having a readme file in the mod zip file with all of these things still present. I cannot be sure if it was the email that was the issue, the FB link, or my nickname. I just wish the error message was more helpful and told me it was the description that was the issue, not the mod. (For background, my surname is ‘White’ and my high school nickname has always been ‘Whiteboy’ - no it’s not some kind of racial thing lol).

Hi all, I have a straightforward AOEII map I made that I am trying to upload. I followed the modding guide here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1953751101

The map works fine when I play it local but I keep getting the infamous ‘Error submitting mod! Please verify your data and try again.’ error every time I try to publish it on this website or the game. I have my scenarios (there are 2 maps) zipped inside the folders resources_common\scenario.

I cannot see any reason this isn’t working and I’m getting sick of retrying - I’ve followed advice in other threads here. All I can think of is that there is some problem with my readme or description, maybe the language filters or something are going off but it’s not telling me?

Im having EXACTLY the same problem, i think its the website issue