Bug: Expanded Stat Panel Duplicates & Errors & Bugs

Hi Devs, [below is with PUP]
The improved expanded stat panel with (x#) of duplicate weapons is awesome (and something I asked for previously).
However, it is broken and often is not applied or even wrong. Basically 3 main categories of errors:
So it seems to work with TCs and regular keeps, both for the integrated arrows, i.e. (x3) in keep, and (x2) in English TC; and for the garrisoned troops.
But I have screenshots of multiple cases where it just reverts to the old style or is even more broken.
*Sultan Elephant
*Red Palace
Built Red Keep and regular keep still shows bows garrisoned but (1) Arbalest?
Applies to the White Tower as well. See screenshots. When you garrison, you get +1 on the stats compared to the number of units. Except you do not get 21, so 19 and 20 garrison are the same (x20).

Screenshots of Duplicates

Screenshots of Arbelests

Screenshots of Spasskaya & White Tower Bonus Arrow

Thank you for these reports @JohnDresty! The team will look into these.

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