Bug for feudal upgrade

Hey i noticed that manytimes i clcik the feudal wood upgrade and it doesn’t actually uppgrade, this is very annoying ! am i the only one ?

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Stupid question, but just to be sure: you had the resources for it?

Not like a farm was auto-made right that moment, or you were playing Burgundians and mixing up the costs of the different lumber techs, or…

And what kind of game was this? Online? Single player? What kind of settings? Any weird mods installed?

i migth be wrong, but i think the same has been happening to me, there’s been a few games since the patch specifically where i was sure i had clicked a tech and checked back to see nothing was happening…

thought it might just be me not pressing the hotkey hard enough as my keyboard is getting old… but then i thought i was messing up the boar lures (boar losing agro) as well and that turned out to be a bug…

yeah yeah and it happend to me too many times for it to be a mistake from me, i think it’s because i click on it then go right to the farm upgrade

and no it was just classic ranked 1v1
i dont have lord of the west

in fact i found that if i click the wood upgrade then move to another building to fast after i clicked the upgrade, then it doesnt register
but still that’s kinda annoying ahahg