[Bug] Game crashes on age up

Game crashing upon opponent aging up. Has happened twice now upon opponent reaching castle age (within ~1-2 seconds). Game initially freezes, and then the game closes after a few seconds.

Current build that this happened on: aoe age4 7.0.5976.0

Reproduction: I have experienced this in ~1 game per 25 that I have played. The most obvious consistency to me between the two games was that both crashes occurred right after my opponent aged up.

The most recent crash occurred on hideout. The first one occurred on high view.

In both games, fighting was occurring. In both games, I was playing Mongol, and in the process of ramming my opponents base and the units that were fighting were Keshiks/archers/rams versus my opponent’s spears and horsemen/buildings.

Units queued included villagers, keshiks, archers, and traders.

Computer info: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core 3.59 GHz


This needs such a high priority, everyone I know stopped playing and might have stopped for good with this recent failures. You can’t play online anymore. It just a waste of time. I spent 3 hours and I had no game running longer than 15’ as someone always crashed. It’s f****** unplayable right now. Can’t wait for Stormgate with these things happening over and over.

The one common theme I’ve noticed with these age up crashes is that they always seem to happen when buildings are under attack when the age up happens. Very annoying.

I’m getting this too. And it’s also been hitting teammates who drop like flies during a match. Literally on two different computers and post hotfix as well. I’ve seen this issue happen on various forums and yet it’s not acknowledged in the “popular bugs” megathreads.

I see this bug is already known as the status is “tracking”. They said:

“A tracked bug means that it has been reproduced by our test team. The team now has to determine whether and how they solve the issue: whether it requires a fix, a change to the design or code of the game, or if there are other solutions that need to be considered.”

My game crashes aging up to castle age 50/50 on X-box game pass and its almost unplayable. If I make to late game I never have any crashes.

It has happened to me as well.
I have put a lot of villagers to build the landmark and it caused the game to crash.

This just happened to me. AOE4 never crashed until season 5. Now it’ll work sometimes and other times it crashes. I was just playing a ranked 1v1 when there was a crash. I had just aged up and was being attacked by a lot of units in my base. I love AOE4, but I’m going to have to quit playing if this isn’t fixed. I have an i7 9700f CPU and a GTX 1660 TI GPU and 32 gigs of memory. I have MSI Afterburner and had it with no problems during the first four seasons of AOE4. It shows a spike in CPU usage and a small spike in GPU voltage just before the crash.