[BUG] Gates block enemy units when collapsing into rubble

Game Version:

  • Build (33164)
  • Platform (Steam)


Something I noticed, the Gates, when destroyed, still have collision and block enemy units until the animation is completely finished. I tested this thoroughly and all main gate types and all angles still have collision to enemy units.

Something I want to note. The collision for Gates when collapsing only has collision for enemy units. For units of the player that the Gate belongs to and Allies, there is no collision. Only towards enemies.

Here are some screenshots:

I forgot to test the Scenario Gates (City Gate, Chain, Sea Gate), but it’s likely they’re also affected as well.

Again, this only affects enemy units. Here is a screenshot with the Red Player as an Ally.

As you can see, I am able to pass through the Gate without problem.


Have those issues been fixed?

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Not yet, this is still the case.

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