Bug? Gray bars on map, cutting off playable area

When I go to a Single Player, Random map…all of the maps are cut off on the edges with a gray bar. These areas aren’t playable.

This is the Extended Edition and I have NOT installed the new 2.7 patch.

I’ve shut down my computer, restarted my computer, and closed out of AoM several times and nothing fixes it.

It’s only for the random maps. Campaign maps are full and completely playable.

I cannot reproduce the issue, can you please post what your lobby settings are?

The map just is not square, that’s all.


That would be my first guess too, but if what he/she writes is true then I don’t know what the issue is.

Hi there.

Yeah I think the map just isn’t square. I got so used to square ones that when I tried a new map I thought it was a bug.

I don’t know what my lobby settings are, I’m just playing solo and not online?

It seems to be the “Basin” map only, which makes me think I was just wrong and it wasn’t a bug.

Sorry about that!

No problem, glad we could clear that up.