Bug - I`m winning or losing points when I shouldn`t

I know that if a player leaves from a game before 1 minute has passed , ranked mod is disabled ( the players no longer lose or win points ) , but sometimes when me or someone from a game resign before the timer arrives at 1 minute , ranked mod still remain activated . I don`t think this should happen .

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That is no longer the case as of the latest patch.

I boggles me that they didn’t put it in the patch notes.


I don`t think they should have taken that out . I mean this option is usefull sometimes , like when you maybe get an unfair map or a generation error , or maybe you find out that you have a urgent thing to do but a match was found and you no longer can cancel it .

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People whined that people were leaving.

Instead of addressing why people were leaving, the devs made it so that they lose Elo for leaving.

Problem solved?

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It boggles me that we’re about 8 months in and there is still no amicable way to end a ranked match without losing Elo like ‘Save and Quit.’ Honestly, at this point, I’m questioning how prevalent the non-intentional smurfing is in team games when I have teammates back-to-back disconnect in a day and then get some really one sided matches where my awful play looks amazing for absolutely no reason.


Since I#m expieriencing bugs and crashes this would’ve been quite nice for me… Now I#m loosing ELO because the devs can’t fix this game

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Absolutely. If your teammate disconnects within the first 5 minutes of a game how/why on earth should anyone lose elo? It’s almost impossible to win when you are one person short and we get penalized for it.