[BUG] Losing almost all my gold when pressing the 'Select all castles' hotkey

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.33164.0.4413571)
  • Steam


In some games my ‘Select all castles’ hotkey stops working after a couple of times. I always noticed that some gold was disappearing, but i thought I just went crazy.
But I just played a game, and this time I knew for sure, Some gold was disappearing because I was pressing my ‘Select all castles’ hotkey when it was bugged out.
So i went to my replay, and noted the times my gold disappeared because i pressed my ‘Select all castles’ hotkey.

Those times were on the following minutes:

This time it happened in single-player, but i also happened multiplayer when I(Magyars) was playing with my Brother(Britons) against 2 hard AI’s.
I cannot upload the replay because this forum only accepts pictures, So i uploaded it to my google drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zAYzG9F1Vn9MfnIJjxiAJ0j6lJ_ixMzW/view?usp=sharing


The bug is related to market deselection, hotkeys work fine until you select a market, then they work as if the market were still selected

I played a game were my gold disappeared too! I thought I was crazy. Cant find the recorded game cos I played too many already. This seems hard to reproduce it, lets see

Hi all, just to expand further on this:

The issue isn’t just isolated to the select all castles hotkey, the hotkeys are definitely interacting with the market in a strange way. Select all castles works correctly if you bind the hotkey to Ctrl+shift + [anything other than s, d, f, x, c or v].

Ctrl+Shift+ s, d, f, x ,c or v take the corresponding buy/sell action in the market, without having it selected.

N.B. This assumes you are using the default grid hotkeys for the market.