[bug] Monk shift queuing bug if 2 or more selected

Game Version: 101.101.33315.0

  • Build (4426672)
  • Platform (Steam)
    (I’m assuming this bug is present in all versions)


A selection of two or more monks will not correctly carry out multiple move commands that involves depositing a relic into a monastery: Two monks carrying relics will approach the monastery and instead of dropping of the relics they simply turn away and move to the next waypoint. If only one monk is selected he will correctly drop the relic and move to next waypoint.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. select two (or more) monks carrying a relic each (or one with and one without)
  2. right click monastery to drop relic and use shift to queue a move command waypoint elsewhere.
    3.observe the monks navigate to monastery then continue on to next waypoint without dropping relic.

this also happens for picking up relics if more than one monk is selected they will simply walk up to the relic and then move on to the next waypoint.

I was very impressed to see that when using a single monk you can potentially queue him to collect and drop off as many relics as you like from all over the map (assuming you can see/click them) with a single string of move commands. but disappointing to see it all fall apart if you have more than one selected.

this demonstration was done in scenario editor after noticing in standard game.


Also for that reason I would like to see an after-selection unit switch hotkey so you would be able to fine grain control within that selected group of units and also add more sequences regarding queuing that unit’s action(s).

At the moment this is expected behavior as two monks would have to quarrel about who’s gonna carry that relic so probably for that reason neither monk does and move on to the next waypoint and so on.

And with a little bit more micro you can queue each monk to pick-up one relic by first do one waypoint for both monks. While moving select one monk and queue the relic pick-up and then you do the same for the other monk. After that you select both monks and queue next waypoint.

Yes, this should be possible this way already I guess.

no. you can already select a group of monks and target a relic - the monks do not ‘quarrel’ over who picks it up. they will all walk up to the relic and one of them will grab it - this is expected behavior and works just fine.
It is only if you queue another waypoint after the relic that the group of monks will approach the relic, ignore it and move on to the next waypoint.

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Thank for clarifying further. Did you also try it the way I described it or does adding the second waypoint afterwards disturb expected behavior too?

I’m not 100% sure if I have done your suggestion correctly, but:
If you select two (or more) monks holding relics and right click a monastery, then individually select each monk and add a shift-click waypoint, they will indeed deliver the relics and move to the next waypoint in the same way they would if selected individually to begin with.

But it is exactly this additional micro that I think is unnecessary and why I would like to see the bug fixed. I should be able to click both monks onto the monastery and shift-click an additional waypoint and have both monks deliver the relics and follow the waypoints. It makes no sense for this to work with a single selected monk and not multiple selected monks as they have been given the exact same set of instructions.

it seems adding additional waypoints (when more than one monk is selected) breaks the expected behavior.

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I just noticed something in the last game I played: When I order two monks to pick up a relic and then waypoint them somewhere else (e.g. my monestary or any other place), neither of them pick up the relic and both instead turn around shortly before picking up the relic and walk on to the next waypoint. I don’t think this is intended
This can be reproduced in the scenario editor.


yes. this is the exact problem I reported a year ago and yet it still exists - amoung many other issues that should have well and truly been fixed by now. It is one of several reason why I don’t actually play this game anymore. until all the silly bugs are fixed, this game will just be a joke in the eyes of esports.

I mean; foundation scouting… wtf? how many rts games have you played where you can use an exploit to see where your enemy is anywhere on the map, at basically any time (provided you have revealed the map in that area previously), without having any LOS in that area? and most pro players do it all the time. and most streamers support its existence. it’s actually laughable. F***in embarrassing really. imagine that in star craft? utterly absurd.