Bug - not multi selecting a particular group of units or villagers

AOE II HD (2013) version
When I go to multi select a particular group of units or villagers by dragging the oblong over them it will not select them.
The only time i sometimes get this to work is if I drag and release the oblong very quickly.

2013 will not receive any patches anymore. Play DE :slight_smile:

@Bazza, I had a similar issue a few years ago because my mouse button was failing me. I’d press and hold the mouse button to drag a selection box, but it would randomly register it as a click or partial-drag instead. (Box would seem to form, but then it’d disappear without selecting units.) Is it possible this is the cause of your issues, too, or is this a game issue? I thought it was an issue with the game for a while, but then figured out it was my mouse.

Not only was it sometimes hard to click-and-drag a box the size I wanted because the button would sometimes release without me wanting it to, but when I’d release the button after what I thought was a good sized box, my mouse would somehow make a quick double-click without me knowing it sometimes when I released the button. That stealthy double-click action would effectively negate my selection box right away, because the 2nd click just selects nothing (de-selects any selected units straight away).

Pressing the button at different pressure points, angular forces, and intensities helped me zero in on the most successful way to press the button, but it was never 100% perfect and was annoying.

I lived with it for a long time, and even took the mouse apart a time or two and cleaned it up internally which helped it for a little while. Ultimately, however, it came back and getting a new mouse solved the problem for good.

Thanks Darkness
A good suggestion, ive checked out my mouse button in windows and its ok…
I kinda wish the button was a bit dodgy then I could easily remedy the problem.

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Oh, darn! :frowning: Well I hope the game can be patched/fixed soon, then. The AoE2:DE (2013) edition is nice because the graphics, menus, gameplay elements, and audio are a nice nostalgic change of pace to go to sometimes compared to DE.

It’s different enough from DE that fixing some lingering bugs/issues would be great

It suddenly rectified itself! odd, was no patches… phew!

Yes I do like its old school originality. Plus there are more people playing rated DM in HD and the lobby’s are a better system and layout than the DE.
Also they use ‘Turbo’ mode a lot which is just too fast for me. DM + fast mode is fast enough for me and everyone I have ever played with.

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