[Bug] Nothing displayed on the MMR game launching screen and occasionally game unresponsive

  1. The game started and I could at least play normally but 1-2 minutes later the game was still running, I could see his units doing moves but I could not click anything nor use a hotkey in that game anymore. After closing the game with task manager and restarting the game everything worked normal again.

Today the problem from 1. appeared right after 2. but usually only 2. happens

  1. The 2nd bug is one I have quite frequently which is that if I get matched with someone in the queue and the game loads there is no civilization, icon, name, settings and font displayed at the game launching screen. This is particularly annoying when playing Deathmatch and you only see your civilization after the game actually started. Also sometimes his nickname will only start to be visible after a few minutes inside the multiplayer game.