Bug of Thalassocracy

Research order of Thalassocracy and Chemistry will influence Harbor‘s ’final attack.
If you research Thalassocracy after Chemistry,Harbor +4 attack finaly.
Research Chemistry after Thalassocracy,Harbor +3 attack finaly.(In most cases)。
This bug also exists in HD 2013.No one found out in 3 years.


Wow, maybe you still have time to delete this topic and keep this useful knowledge for yourself, before developers notice it :smile: :smirk:
Maybe more players know about it but have kept quiet on purpose.

this topic was originally not here, transferred by the administrator.
BTW.you can use it in HD and WK.Which may have stopped updating

HD most likely, WK will have it fixed in the next update :sweat_smile:

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emmm,Sorry.I did not notice Murder holes and Heated Shot.
GM did very well.