Bug on siege units

The AI of siege units is very problematic sometimes and it can cause defeat the war. AOE4 is a RTS game and those type of bugs can be cause of extremely bad effects. For example, mangonels are very good units against infantry units but sometimes when I try to attack by my mangonels, they go forward until they reach attackable range but they stuck in infite loop of walk and I should manage those mangonels manually and because of that reasons i lose so much time. What do you think about that ? I think this bug is not only for the mangonels.

Hey @Demoralayz! I’m not quite clear what you’re pointing out here, so please help me if I’m not understanding correctly. Are you saying that when you task a Mangonel to attack, if never actually does so?

Are the Mangonels following the enemy, getting into range, attempting to unpack, but by then the enemy has moved away and the Mongols pack up and chase them? Or are the enemies stationary and the Mangonels (because of a bug) are never able to unpack and attack?

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They have opportunity to attack them but instead they move around the place. I think they are trying to find position in order to attack them and they cannot find it. If I don’t cancel the attack order, they stuck in infinite loop. Whenever I play with mangonels, i have to charge mangonels towards the place where I want them to go and after, I order them to attack. This bug happens on mangonels mostly but I see for all siege units.

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Thank you for the extra context @Demoralayz! I’ll take this to the team and we’ll get it looked at. Much appreciated!