Bug or Cheater

Yes people are some how exploiting it to give back food. Found a guy doing that today.

Yup. Just tried it in a scenario editor. Was able to advance for free. Won’t give out any details but if the devs want to contact me about it (I’m sure they know but just incase) my Discord tag is: [Redacted]
PS: Won’t be abusing this BS in a comp game (or non comp game). Not sure if I’ll be playing any either with people abusing this…

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If you are not talking about the cheat they added ‘going above and beyond’ which was unlockable this season, I was able to research an upgrade twice too. While testing (my comment above)

Same issue of this

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Hello man.
Next time try to post his steam id/profile. It’s hard to find a way to follow his steps since you just need two clicks to change a name.

This “problem” has been happening for a while, even to pro-players on TG games. There are many cheaters, it seems that it’s more than easy to find them.

No need to desperate, there are always cheaters on almost every game. Of course, it’s unacceptable, but we can’t do more that report them and follow his steps in order to give them an ip-ban (hope it gets fixed this way, because implementing a good anti-cheat is almost years away).

I think you can’t post the steam id or profile, even if you do the issue will be locked saying that you should not expose any cheaters publicly.

The first issue (free tech) is a bug. The second issue (double gathering rate in dark age) appears to be cheating – I’ve seen a game where one player had that – double gathering rate.

For the second issue, send an email with the Serengeti replay and game id (in the filename of the replay) to aoesupport@microsoft.com

Just in case it’s a bug and not cheating, I have a replay for this second issue in a game I encountered. Watch the dark age wood collection rate of the green player (“eclipse”) compared to everyone else’s wood collection, compared to his number of lumberjacks:

Game ID: 211510
Date: May 15, 2020
Build: 101.101.36906.0 4941835
Replay: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1peBGMpUL2AQSRw1Kisjn5IMsLIlDvpgQ/view?usp=sharing

Also, @halen1991 , for your google drive file, you need to change the permissions so that anyone with the link can download.

So many days with this bug… i can’t understand how is not fixed yet. You can get free resources from feudal… This is a critical bug.

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Just happened to me in another game…

yeah game is unplayable on ranked till this is fixed

This guy was 1300ish 3 days ago…
He ruined high rank games for the last 3 days. Hera reported it and even upload a recorded game where we can see the bug in action. He got 6k food and 6k gold when he hit castle at 14min.
He changed his name now and then to the same name as another player with about the same rank.
PS: It’s not the real Gavagai even if he uses its name. The real Gavagai is the last one in the list.


This is the multiple tech bug, literally broke the game. The problem is not him specifically, but the bug. Anyone can exploit it.

Please fix this already

It is so embarrassing that this have been going on for a week. Just when the game is having the best numbers in users are viewers here we go to ruin it.

And the devs and the team which have not been able to provide a solution or even an explanation it is just a joke.

This has been the case for months devs doing hotfixs that fix nothing and now create glitches that can be exploit.

PS but eh! we have autoscouting

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I hope the next patch will fix most of these bugs/possibilities to cheat.

I am surprised by the lack of topics on bug abuse and cheat in the current patch. I have heard tons of complaints about all kinds of cheats/bug abuses: the unlimited tech researches, especially the ones that make you gain resources, Genghis Khan spams, disconnects, plain map hacks. These are very serious problems that should be fixed asap. This could literally ruin the game and make people go back to Voobly or quit altogether. Especially in team games it is really hard to spot cheats (unless its extremely obvious). I might be facing a cheater every time without even realizing it. Please don’t let this game go to a state where we’d have to check the recorded game each time to see if we didn’t lose by cheats.

He is impersonating several well known players, is using cheats and exploits and pretty much ruined Hera’s stream. But he still hasn’t been banned and there is still no fix… and still the devs are silent.

hello devs , i hope you are checking this forums …
as a developer myself i know that fixing bugs is not always an easy thing .

but i think that one month is already enough time to fix a very critical problem that break the whole multiplayer aspect of the game, which is what the hardcore fans play.

if you can’t fix the problem yet at least make a global revert to the old build .
i would rather the lose the new game mechanics until you fix this issue than play unfair matches due to cheats.

best regards

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Hi guys, please report cheaters to the community team at aoesupport@microsoft.com. Calling out players on the forums is against the forum code of conduct.