Bug or cheating on Danube River

Just played a game, 3v3 on Danube River where one of my teammates spawned on the same side as their whole team. Not even a camera screen away from an enemy TC. They played English/English/French, which is fairly common for new players, but they acted like they knew it was going to happen. Talking like “thanks for the free win” and “should’ve built more units” when they clearly have the perfect strategy for an early rush. Knights+2 sets of long bows pretty strong. I really don’t know if this was a bug or if they had anything to do with this, but it was really weird. He spawned in a place that didn’t make sense even if there were to be a 4v4 and he was an ally. Weird. Lmk what I need to do, I’ve never posted on here.

Map seed: 2b570356


Their team: Cree, MDUGONG, WERDNA

French and English are rushing 80% of the time age 2 , you are juste very unlucky

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This is a known issue with map generation.