Bug or intended?

Good morning, I wanted to know if this is a bug or is an intentional mechanism. Today a player has created a stone wall of 3 pieces, has made 2 and has canceled the third. Then a stone tower has STARTED, and only with the first hammer of the villager has he been able to climb his entire army in the wall (with the tower at 60hp, because it is not built). He did that to me repeatedly to advance the map taking advantage of the range of damage and defense of archers on the wall. Is it a bug or normal?

Tnx for the answer !

It’s probably more an unintended mechanic rather than a bug.

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?? doesnt have to do nothing with tower rush, its a bug mechanic. U cant do that with the door by example, u need at least be fully build before jump. This one its a bug

Hmm, if it doesn’t work with a partially built gate, it might be a bug. I’m not really sure exactly what the requirements for hopping on walls are. I do think that it should require a finished tower/gate.